Resource Congestion in Boston

Resource:Congestion in Boston

Thefirst sources start by rating Boston as the fifth worst metropolitanstate when comes to traffic congestion. It adds that, a driver almostwaste 53 hours annually on traffic jams. However, that figureobtained in 2011 has improved compared to 64 hours in 2005. Whenconverting this waste of time into money value, the Urban MobilityReport indicates that a driver in Boston waste around $1,100 annuallyon fuel (WBUR Newsroom par).

Thissource is very crucial as it provide an insight on how Boston trafficis currently standing. I am going to use this source to provide astudy background on Boston as well as providing statistic prove onhow the situation is currently appalling when comes to traffic jam.It is worth noting that, this source compiles additional sources fromother credible sources that will lay out the historic problem onBoston traffic.

Thesecond article talked about Uber, which an organization that handlestraffic data and provide solution for traffic problems as well asfuture planning. Uber is looking forward to collectdata from drivers across Boston as well as from Boston residents.There will be anonymity in the research, and the final result will beshared with the municipalgovernments of Boston to find a long lasting solution to a problemthat has existed for decades (Wasserman par).

Itis worth noting that, this source will greatly assist me to come upwith solutions that Boston government has failed over many years tosolve. This source collects data from primary source, which is verycritical in providing a short term as well as long term solution.Uber has done this to other cities in the U.S, thus I will reviewother solutions they have provided to other cities, and see how itcan be integrated in Boston.

Thethird article is a very interesting source. It is a statement fromBoston authorities who are in charge of traffic in the area. Thesource starts by providing pictures on how traffic jam is badly inBoston. The source provide a temporally solution the authority areundertaking in order to ease the traffic jam. For instance, theytries to adjust the traffic signal timing, request the drivers notdrive on local streets, increase traffic

cpolice and requesting drivers for compliance (WHDH par).

Itis obviously I will apply this source to come up with a short termsolution that Boston need to ease the traffic especially on rushhours when the traffic jam is so tight. Some of the short termsolutions provided by this source are very significant in the purseof long term solutions. This source will also provide me with enoughknowledge on what the authority in Boston is doing to decongesttraffic.


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