Response to Two Articles

Responseto Two Articles

Accordingto the article, ImplementationIntentions,written by Gollwitzer, goals are placed in a better position of beingrealized, when they become furnished with implementation intentions.According to Gollwitzer, implementation intentions tend to delegatethe control of goal directed actions to specified anticipatedenvironmental stimuli (Gollwitzer 493). I think this is true becausewhenever goals become matched with favorable conditions, there is ahigher likelihood of realizing the goals. Effective pursuit of goalscan become facilitated, when a person develops specific action plansconcerning how to accomplish the goals. Besides, the author of thisarticle argues that implementation intentions have numerous benefits,which turns out to be true because the realization of goals itselfcomes with benefits. However, some costs have to be involved since inthe realization of goals, there are some sacrifices that anindividual has to forgo. Sometimes, an opportunity cost may beinvolved.

Onthe other hand, the article ImplementationIntentions, Perfectionism, and Goal Progresswritten by Powers, Koestner, and Topciu, argues that the strongimpact of implementation intentions on the progress of goals can besubstantially moderated through a slightly stable personalitycharacteristic like perfectionism (Powers et al 903). Although thismay be true, it is sometimes difficult to attain perfectionismwithout regular and long focus. According to the authors,implementation planning may be contra-indicated for persons havingself-critical tendencies.

Fromreading the two articles, different questions can be developed. Oneof the questions that can be asked is are individuals are aware ofhow implementation intentions can be effective in accomplishing theirgoals? Also, what ways can be used in making people understand theimportance of implementation intentions in realizing their goals?


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