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ResponseTo Youtube Videos

  1. `Sugar Daddies` Buy Dates with Tuition, Clothes, Vacations

Theissue of rich, older men offering young women money in order to havetheir companionship has been on the rise. With reference to the video‘`SugarDaddies` Buy Dates with Tuition, Clothes, Vacationstheonly thing that can be said to be uniting the sugar babies and thesugar daddies is the financial or the material gain behind therelationship. This is a moral degradation and can be classified as aform of prostitution. It’s clear, the sugarbabies’can have a number of sugardaddies,all of which are meant to make their life better through financialfavors, in exchange for offering them their time and pleasure. Thiscan be defined as a form prostitution of moral degradation. The sugarcan afford to support the girls’ education with zero returns fromthe girls. From the video in question `SugarDaddies` Buy Dates with Tuition, Clothes, Vacations’,therelationship between the two parties is financially defined and inturn making it a form of prostitution. Lastly, it’s evident that,this kind of practice is common among wealthy old men and youngcollege girls, which have also been increased through the use oftechnology, such the internet use. Measures should be implemented tocater for student finances in order to minimize the chances ofinvolving in such aspects like being a ‘sugarbabies’(`SugarDaddies` Buy Dates with Tuition, Clothes, Vacations, 2015).

  1. Kuwaiti Scholar Jassem Al-Mutawa: Wife Beating in Islam Treats Women Suffering from Masochism

TheIslamic culture has been many a times been questioned on its regardto women in the community. With reference to the video, theman/husband is around to cane her wife/women in case of disobedience.However, the woman is prohibited doing the same to the man, as theman is referred as the head of the family. It’s clear evidence,that women are regarded as lesser human being in the eyes of theirhusband, and are only supposed to obey them. The wife beatingpractice has been justified by the Muslim culture, but this istotally inhuman. However, I agree with the point, disagreement canbe solved through dialogue and mutual understanding. Despite thepractice, the Muslim Koran has well-defined guidelines when to applysuch an approach like wife beating. On the other hand, despite thecriticism from the western regions, the practice is also rampantamong the western nations, which is even more severe than the Muslimcase. In my view, wife-beating should be abolished at all cost(KuwaitiScholar Jassem Al-Mutawa, 2015).

  1. Miller’s New World Coming Text

Thenew information from the ‘Miller New World Text’ about theAmerica’s past has had a tremendous impact with how the events of1920’s has contributed to the making of the presentday America. Withreference to the Miller’s new world text, the most striking aspectis how the author has managed to connect the past events to thecurrent or present day America. In other words, the author hasperfectly linked the past events to the making of present dayAmerica. With reference to my understanding of the present dayAmerica, the new information has increased my understanding of thedifferent times, places and elements that has contributed to themaking of the current United States (Matt, 2014).


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