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Aretail grocery refers to a store that deals with food supplies.Studies on Michigan State University (MSU) Dairy Store will one helpin evaluating the activities that take place in a retail grocery.Moreover, it enables an individual to compare its activities withthose of other retail stores and make conclusions on what should bechanged in regard to the dairy store. The paper below describes it ina nut shell (n.p, MSU Dairy Store, n.d).

MSUDairy Store is located along Union and Anthony hall at MSU EastLansing campus near San Francisco. Its sophisticated deliveryservices ensure that it serves not only the needs of the universitystudents, but also those of other outsiders. The latter groupaccesses their products by making distant orders via the email. Thestore then delivers them to their residence. This therefore meansthat it is a national chain since it meets the wants and needs of awide range of consumers nationwide. Its location near the College ofAgriculture and Natural resources (Food Science and Human Nutrition)increases its proximity to the students in this faculty. What is moreis that their research laboratories are around the store andtherefore in the course of conducting their research programs theyare prone to consume the dairy store’s products (n.p, MSU DairyStore, n.d).

Itis amazing to note that the store is also situated near a number ofthe university’s most frequented attraction sites .The Eli &ampEdythe Broad Art Museum, Wharton Center and Abram’s Planetariumbuildings are positioned a few miles from the dairy store. As aresult, many people who visit these sites are in the course of theirvisits tempted to quench their hunger and thirst in MSU Dairy Store.It also nears many of the food outlets in the campus that also sellits products (n.p, MSU Dairy Store, n.d).

Onthe other hand, the retail grocery experiences parking and trafficproblems owing to the high number of consumers it serves. Recently,its management has adopted a number of ways so as to counter theseconstraints. The creation of an online delivery services are aidingin solving human congestion around the store. This is due to the factthat people can now easily make orders via the email to the dairystore. The parking lot has also been expanded and divided intoseveral areas which include: the visitor, commuter, resident, staffand faculty parking lots. Traffic signals have also been put up so asto help ease the traffic altercations caused by the high number ofvehicles entering and exiting the retail store. Nonetheless, thedairy store can be said to be stationed at a desirable locationaround the MSU which hosts most of its clients (n.p, MSU Dairy Store,n.d).

Theretail store boasts of supplying its products to the nationwide typeof clientele. Their clients range from students to the high- incomeearning professionals. This is because it addresses the needs of allthe society from all walks of life. The students are thus able toafford the refreshments as well as their professors amongst otherprofessionals. Clients from far and wide in America can also accessthe products through the making of online orders (n.p, MSU DairyStore, n.d).

Jackand Jill Ice Cream Company poses to be a major competitor of MSUDairy Store. This is so because that it was founded in 1929 andtherefore prides itself on having more expertise in this industry inAmerica (n.p, Welcome to Jack &amp Jill, n.d). Many peopleespecially those in the Mid- Atlantic region consume their productsand accordingly denying MSU Dairy Store the chance to serve thisgroup of people. Additionally, it provides a wide range of productsas opposed to MSU which only manufactures the milk-related ones.Besides being the best producers of ice cream in America, it offersfrozen fruits, beverages and similar foodstuffs to its clienteles.Therefore if MSU Store is to beat Jack and Jill in this industry thenit has to ape its example and improve its production (n.p, MSU DairyStore, n.d).

Theretail store displays a unique layout which has aided in promotingits services to its consumers. The store houses a dairy plant thatmanufacturers the ice creams and other munchies. Moreover, it hasboth the educational and outreach centers that are often visited bythe students in the Food Science and Nutrition faculty for theirconduction of practical studies. This ensures the proximity of thesestudents and their lecturers as potential customers to the dairystore. The selling bay is then located at a far end entrance of thestore. Therefore, students entering and exiting the building are ableto access the store’s products (n.p, MSU Dairy Store, n.d).

Parkingstill remains to be major problem for this facility. The creation ofan observation deck at the dairy plant adjoining Anthony hall sitehelps in reducing the overcrowding of people around the area sincethese self- guided tours of the facility help in directing potentialclients to the selling bay (n.p, MSU Dairy Store, n.d).

Thiscommercial facility uses several pricing strategies in order to put asmile across the faces of their clients. It does this by offering awide range of service to their consumers. Examples of the productsthey offer include: coffee, ice cream, hot chocolate, tea amongothers. All these are offered at affordable prices depending on one’sincome level. This means that everyone- ranging from the low incomeearners, the bourgeoisie class to those high income earners canaccess their products (n.p, MSU Dairy Store, n.d).

Itis encouraging to make a note of the actuality that the staffpersonnel have not placed any offside private labels near the store’sstocks. Hence, it is self assuring that they are not offering anyin-door competition to the store unlike what happens in other retailshops. The shelf placements are stationed in a way that they onlyadvertise the sale of the store’s goods which translates toincreased sales (n.p, MSU Dairy Store, n.d).

Anumber of merchandising techniques have been put in place in order tostimulate customer purchases. Product purchases have effectively beendone in an attempt to ensure fast access of products to the clients.Online orders have further ensured that distant customers can furtheraccess the goods.

Thereis the MSU Dairy Store web page that allows for reviews of theirservices by their consumers. In addition to that, the web pageadvertizes its products by placing ads and prices that promote thestore’s sales. When new products are manufactured they areadvertized in this web page. This further increases consumers’awareness (n.p, Web, n.d). Online orders are also made via this webpage for cheese and other gifts. All these services can only be knownto the consumers if they visit the web page (n.p, Web, n.d).

Theprovision of the ready- to eat products also aids in promoting theirexcellent services to their consumers. In many instances other foodoutlets only prepare their products upon orders by their customers.This leads to impatient customers turning to MSU dairy store for thepurchase of these products. Therefore the provision of ready- to -eatproducts stands as an advantage over the other food outlets (n.p, MSUDairy Store, n.d).

Infurther promotion of their services, they do offer special customerservices. The option of making online orders by their customersensures that the consumers need not to come to the store sinceservices can be delivered to where they are. The store is also openedfor long hours. On week days they remain open from 9 am to 6pm butremain open from noon to 8pm during the weekends. This ensures thattheir consumers can access their products at most times of the day.All these promotion efforts help to match the customer wants andneeds (n.p, MSU Dairy Store, n.d).

TheAnimal Industry Initiative in the campus has ensured constant,modernization of the electrical, lighting, communication andmechanical systems of the dairy store. All this has majorly aided thestore in producing tasty quality and creating new flavors of theirproducts. This has seen them constantly remain relevant in theindustry because they manage to meet the arising and new needs oftheir consumer (n.p, MSU Dairy Store, n.d).

Toconclude with, I observed that the store’s operation is veryeffective and only very minor changes should be made so as toincrease its productivity. The store’s layout should be modified soas to accommodate an eating bay whereby their consumers can sit andrelax in it as they consume their products. This further expansionwill enable the store appease their clients (n.p, MSU Dairy Store,n.d).


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