Rhiodan’s Competitive Advantages


There are a couple of competitive advantages that Rhiordan virtualorganization share with other successful organizations, which mightbe in totally different lines of operation. However, the competitiveadvantages provides the cutting edges of the organizations and whenproperly utilized defines the success of the business. In closecomparison to McDonald’s and Burger king corporation, the companyappreciates recognizes and rewards the operational excellence of itsemployees, which facilitates accuracy while minimizing wastagesthrough errors (Hoffman, 2000). Further, the products of thecompanies are conspicuous and distinct, and this makes it easy forthe customers to pick the most suitable for commodity for theirneeds. On the same note, the companies grant their customers withattractive prices for their commodities thus promoting the volume ofsales significantly. Finally, the companies have established theirbusiness in both local and foreign markets.

By adopting a strategic capacity plan, Rhiordan could boostsustainability and innovation for the operations of the business inthe global scale, as well in the US. Notably, the approach will leadto the enhancement of the supply chain of the company, and thedevelopment of counter measures to combat weaknesses that emerge inthe supply chain. Further, the plan will keep in truck with thedynamic customer preferences to style of the products hencefacilitate production of exceptional commodities (Hoffman, 2000). Theconcepts and methods of lean productions will come in handy toguarantee competitive sustainability in market of concern. Finallythe development and production of green products will seal the dealfor Rhiordan Company. Products that pose minimum damage to theenvironment are desirable in all markets, especially with customerswho are sensitive to environmental conservation.


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