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Internationalbodies such as Ford Foundation play important roles in empoweringwomen in Russia

Womenempowerment face challenges in terms of resources, structures andgovernment support

Thereis need for governments to develop comprehensive and permanentprograms on women empowerment to achieve desire need

Thereis growing support especially from the educated global malepopulation on women empowerment

Womenempowerment is not an issue for women alone but a social issue alsoaffecting men and children

NGO’sand international charity organizations perceive women empowerment asa smaller issue compared to others such as poverty eradicationprograms


TheChapter narrates the experience of the author in setting up a crisiscenter in Russia to cater to women. The crisis center was meantassist women facing diverse social problems such as domestic violenceor political persecution. The narration illustrates the challengesencountered by NGO’s and their personnel in the field especially incountries where political support for such initiatives is minimal. Ipersonally like the way the author manages to own the story andnarrate the events from her own experiences. This gives a face andsome warmth to the topic of women empowerment.

Anotherissue that I have observed from this chapter and the conclusion isthat governments may seem very committed to social causes such asfemale empowerment in paper but not through actions. It is almostimpossible to imagine that a country with a huge national budget asthat of Russia is unable or literally unwilling to dedicate a fewmillion dollars annually to women empowerment causes. I am veryconvinced that investing in women through education and sensitizationand financial empowerment would give back returns on the investmentin a very short period. This is because some of the problems thesewomen of Russia face are very small and require just a little inputand support to put them on their way to social and economic freedomand contribute better to nation building.


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