Description:Confined space refers to a place which has been enclosedsubstantially but not entirely. In such a space, serious injury isprone to occur either from conditions like lack of oxygen or throughhazardous material. Lockout-tag out is a safety procedure that isused in industries to ensure that machines are shut down and notstarted before complete maintenance and safety procedures have beencarried out. First aid refers to the assistance given to a personwhen an injury or an accident occurs. In a work setting, a workstation should have a first aid kit which should have a bandage, apair of scissors, some antiseptic and so forth. Powered industrialtrucks are also called lift trucks or forklifts. They are usuallyused in industrial settings to move bulk material from and within theworkplace. Overhead lifting refers to the lifting of heavycontainers, equipment or merchandise through the use of someequipment such as cranes or forklifts. Confined space would pose achallenge to implement in a work setting. This is because, itsometimes draws an element of curiosity among employees and these mayexpose them to some hazard. On the other hand, the first aid would bethe easiest to implement. This is because all that is needed is justa first aid kit and a few trained workers.

Q1.Thereare more than ten fundamental health and safety principles when itcomes to the control of hazardous energy standards but I willhighlight a few. The first is that all workers have a right. Allworkers and employers should ensure that decent working conditionsand working environment are adhered to. Secondly, occupational safetyand health policies should be established. Third, a national systemfor occupational health and safety standards should also be put inplace. Fourth, the social partners who are the workers and theemployers should be consulted during the implementation, formulationand review of all policies. Education and training are crucialcomponents of safety working environments. Finally, the employers,workers and the authorities have responsibilities, obligation andduties in making sure that the policies are enforced. The hazardscircumvented in the implementation of these principles include theprevention of accidents or injuries to workers at the work station.Avoiding litigation by social parties due to failure to implementfundamental policies. Examples of lock out procedures situationsinclude: When the devices can withstand the environment they areexposed during the duration of the procedure. Finally the lock outshould be substantial to minimize accidents and prevent the removalthrough excessive force by use of special tools(N.CDepartment of Labor, 2011).

Q2.Whenit comes to powered industrial truck operator training, theoccupational safety and health administration is responsible forrevising the requirements of all powered industrial truck operatortrainings in order to reduce the deaths and injuries associated withoperating powered industrial trucks. The provisions in the trainingprogram allow for the amount of training that is required by theoperator on several things: the type of industrial powered truck tobe operated at the work station, the skill set and knowledge of theoperator, the operator’s ability to operate a powered industrialtruck and the hazards that are present at work. A refresher trainingshould be required if the operator is involved in an accident ornarrowly avoids an accident or has been observed to be operating the vehicle in an unsafe way that could not only cause injury to him butother workers as well. An evaluation on every operator should berequired based on their performance. This should be conducted atleast during the initial stages of the training on how to operate theindustrial powered vehicle and subsequently at least once after everythree years of the operator’s stint at work. The main challenge inthis standard is when it comes to performing the evaluation since itdoes not specify who should conduct the evaluation.


N.CDepartment of Labor. (2011). AGuide to the Control of Hazardous Energy.Raleigh.

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