Saving the Environment

Weall have a responsibility of saving the environment.

Thereare several things kids can do to save mother earth

Theearth is a wonderful and awesome but our actions are a threat to itsexistence

Theearth does not belong to man

Manbelongs to the earth

Mandid not weave the web of life

Weare merely a strand in it

Whatwe do to the web

We doto ourselves

Chief Seattle 1853

What canwe do to save thewonderfulenvironment?


We canconvert wastes into useful materials.

Did youknow?

  • The glass waste we through away every month can build a giant skyscraper?

  • Aluminum can be recycled several times?

  • Half of all plastics used in the world are for packaging?

Majorityof wastes in our homes, cities and schools can be recycled or reused.

Almostall waste can be recycled or reused,






Recycling is the key componentof the modern waste reduction strategy of REDUCES,REUSE, RECYCLE.

What can I do as anindividual?

  • Always prefer packaging that can be recycled or reused.

  • Biodegradable packaging such as paper or cardboard is more preferable than plastic containers and bags.

  • Always remember, the packaging can be more expensive than the item.

Wastecan not be avoided entirely, therefore,

  • Always segregate your waste as plastic, metal, textile and organic waste.

  • Sell or donate waste for recycling.

  • Reuse some of the wastes.

  • Donate things no longer in use to others.

Separatefor different wastes for recycling and reuse.

Thecolor of the container denotes the type of waste.




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