Science Fiction Essay Deadly Disease


ScienceFiction Essay: Deadly Disease

ScienceFiction Essay: Deadly Disease

Younever really think that it could happen in real life. After all suchsituations are relegated to the movies, a product of the fertileimaginations of people who do not have much to do other than to comeup with scary stuff that would also capture the imagination of theaudience, make a few stars and haunt the viewers for some nights.That is, in fact, the measure of the success of a particular filmparticularly when it falls in the category of horror movies. Ofcourse, we marvel at the imagination and creativity of the producersand the strength of the actors in bringing such storylines to life ina manner that remains vivid in our minds, resonates in our thoughts,and captures our minds at least for some time. Of course, such thingscannot really happen in real life, right? Wrong! They not only canhappen but they actually do happen to the extent of renderingcredence to the notion that real life is actually much more scarythan fiction.

Ihad just gone home after finishing my shift as a nurse in the localhospital. I was pretty much excited on that day, not only because Ihad received my July salary, but also because I had been confirmed asa practitioner. My star was really shining in this career, and Icould see myself earning a six figure salary as a manager in ahealthcare institution, or a consultant, or maybe as a governmentadvisor on matters pertaining to health. While lost in my fantasies,I received a call informing me that there was a patient who had justarrived in the hospital and was looking pretty sick. In essence, Ichanged into some comfortable clothes and rushed to the healthcareinstitution, hoping to get a look at the patient, have him admittedwith some painkillers so that I can look at him well in the next dayor even give him the appropriate medication and let him go home ifhis disease was not a big deal. However, when I reached the hospital,there seemed to be an ominous and eerie silence engulfing the place.Indeed, the place seemed a bit more deserted than it normally waseven at night. A lamp post was bent right at the middle as if it hadbeen knocked by a speeding car. While this was not surprising in theexterior, the interior part of the hospital was not any better. Thefirst indication of trouble was a broken glass door and some ghostlymoan that seemed to be coming from the bowels of the hospitalbuilding, as well as some flickering lights in the corridor. For somereason, I could not reach the nurse who had called me in the dead ofthe night and the reception desk also seemed pretty much deserted.

I,however, managed to get a peek at the reports register at thereception desk and noticed that seven patients had been admitted intothe hospital with varied symptoms such as red eyes, bloody diarrhea,vomiting and nausea, stomach pain, raised rash and even bleeding fromeyes and other orifices such as the rectum, nose and ears. Uponadmission, the patients had been administered regular doses of jimsonweed, resulting in extreme hallucinations and some form of hypnosis,which cased the user to obey every other order. Unfortunately, someof the patients had passed away in the course of the week, causingthe healthcare facility to not only call an emergency meeting butalso ask for reinforcements of scientists from the main branch. Ihappened to have known one of the patients on a personal level andhad been extremely saddened by his passing on. Instinctively, Ichecked the internet for some information regarding the ailment andthen something thumped into my mind: Ebola. Could this be thebeginning of the deadly disease? I tried calling my boss but shecould not be reached. I knew that she was on duty and being the kindof a person she was, she could not have been anywhere other than thehospital. Upon trying to call again, I heard some commotion in thebackground. I headed to the store for protective clothing. By thetime I managed to put on the protective suit, the noise was alreadyin the hallway between the dressing room and the main waiting bay. Ipeeked outside and could not believe my eyes. The same patient whohad passed on earlier in the day was walking towards the dressingroom. He was holding what seemed to be the hand of a human being andmunching on it like a delicacy. He had bloodshot eyes, very darkenedskin with blood and flesh seeming to fall from his face and a stumpygait. He actually seemed to be dragging his feet, in which case therewas a high chance that I could ran past him without him catching me.Nevertheless, I picked up a pick-axe from the store and made as if toran past him, only for me to be met by five more zombie-likeindividuals in an even worse shape, some with falling limbs, missinglower parts and even a rotting head. While they were heading in theopposite direction, they suddenly turned towards me immediately Imoved out of the dressing room. I recognized one of them to be thereceptionist and the other to be one of the nurses. Now I was prettymuch convinced that I was in real danger. In essence, I dashed to thedressing room and locked myself right in, with the zombies trying toforce open the door. I looked for an opening and saw one in theceiling, which I reached by getting a long stool onto the table. Ithen tipped the stool so that if the zombies managed to get to theroom they would not climb to the ceiling. Zombies are supposed to bedumb, right? On getting into the space between the ceiling and theroof, I kicked an iron sheet out thereby getting out and climbingdown or rather outside the building. I rushed to the fence so that Icould access my car and rush out of the place, only to see more thanfifty zombies walking towards me from all directions. While most ofthem had patients’ garbs, some were also wearing medics clothing.Some were actually medics that I had been working with at some timein the week. Unfortunately, they were now seeking to exterminate me,in which case I had no option but to strike the ones that I could andrun away from the place as fast as I could. They had come quite closeto me, in which case I swung the pick-axe and struck the brains ofthree of them. That did not seem to wear down their spirit as theylashed out at me with even more brutal force. I swung the pick-axeagain and struck some of them again, thereby creating some spacethrough which I could run away. I saw one of them still with a gunslung on its/his shoulders. That should explain why there was noguard at the gate when I was getting in. I swung the axe to his headand managed to slice off the hand with the gun. On getting hold ofthe gun, I fired several times thereby creating some open spacethrough which I could run away from the place as fast as possible.Unfortunately, the loud bang of the gun seemed to have woken somemore zombies from their slumber, in which case they were walkinghurriedly towards me. I rushed to the packing area, but my car wasalready surrounded by the zombies. I, therefore, had to run on footfrom the area. Fortunately, there was an abandoned motorcycle in theparking lot, which I was all too happy to take, with the zombies inhot pursuit. My mind was now already awake to the fact that the townthat I had raced past when heading to the hospital was already aghost-town, only that I had not noticed. A closer look revealed thatsome zombies were still trapped in the buildings in which case therewas no way I could stop, of course, unless the motorcycle ran out offuel…like it did, not far from the town!

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