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Scienceof Memory

Scienceof Memory

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Learningthe science of memory is important to any student who wants toimprove his or her academic performance. The science of memoryincludes the following processes encoding, retrieving, rehearsingand organizing.


Thisstep involves making sure that the material you are studying is wellorganized and accurate. It involves checking your reading notes forany errors. This will help you remove any instances of ambiguity andincomplete information. You also have to ensure that the material iswell arranged and a structured in a way that will allow you tomemorize it effectively.


Thisis the process of memorizing the material that has been certified tobe accurate and is well organized. While encoding it is important topay attention, use imagery and elaborate on the points that you wantto memorize.


Thisis the process of solidifying what you have learnt in your memory.This process involves writing down what you have learnt, talking topeople about what you have learned and asking yourself questions.However, for this process to be fruitful your brain has to befunctioning at optimum levels. This means that you have to haveenough rest and eat healthy.


Afterencoding and rehearsing, it is time to retrieve the information.Encoding mostly occurs during examination time and will test yourability to memorize. It is important to sit down, stay calm and tryto concentrate.


Thistype of memory allows human beings to learn from their experiences.It gives people a sense of identity. This type of memory also allowsus to create social bonds. Knowing a person’s autobiographicalmemory creates a bond with the person and such brings aboutfriendship.

Maximizingyour memory- article form Baylor University

Thisarticle from Baylor University meets the criteria set out by theCRAAP test. The article covers the topic under research. In thiscase, study skills and how to effectively memorize class material.The article is written by the Paul L. Foster Success Center of theUniversity of Baylor. This one of the services that the universityoffers to ensure they are able to make their students successful.This article is supposed to help students with their studies, whichis the main reason why they are in the university. The article isaccurate since it is written a university department that is manlytasked with the responsibility of making sure that their studentsembrace excellent study skills to help them achieve their academicgoals. The purpose of the article is to ensure that their studentsare knowledgeable when it comes to tips on memorizing classmaterials.

Accordingto the article, memorization is a complex process that starts byorganizing the class material to read. This involves associating theinformation to be studied with previously learnt material. It isimportant to use your body while studying. Writing down importantpoints, drawing diagrams and using your hands as you read are veryimportant. It is essential to also make sure that you read and recitethe material. This will enable you to be able to retrieve theinformation much easier. It is also important to use your brain. Itis important to avoid a negative attitude towards a certain course,as this will affect your ability to read the course material. It isimportant to give the brain a break after some few minutes ofreading. It is vital to read the difficult courses when your body isexperiencing peak levels of energy. This is usually during themorning hours. Other memory tricks include, creating new words,creating acrostics (words that stand for something) and using mindmaps. The above tips will help you in memorizing class material andensure that you improve your grades.

Studyplan to use for the upcoming midterm exams

Whenpreparing for the midterm exams I will make sure that i firstorganize my reading material. I will also ensure I get quiet placeaway from any kind of distractions that will give me ample time tostudy. I will also ensure the place is comfortable enough. Once thisis in place I will read the information while making sure I manage mytime. This means I will not spend too much time reading one course.It also means that I will take breaks in between my studying time tomake sure I refresh my mind.

Inorder to memorize effectively I will write down the important points,make connections between information already in brain, rehearse, makeuse of diagrams, make use of visualizations, use mnemonic aids andacrostic. I will also I talk to people about what I have learnt andoccasionally test myself to make sure I have understood whatever I amreading.

Inaddition, I will ensure that I only read when am not tired and whenmy energy levels and concentration levels are high. I will also learnto relax while studying to make sure that am able to memorizeeffectively. With the above tips, I hope to improve my study skillsand pass in my midterm exams.

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