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Self-helpis a measure taken by individual to truckle problems they encounterwithout seeking help. All categories of people face problems at onegiven point of their lives. Old people can face marriage problem,working people can face work related problems, and young people canface peer related problems. The process of solving these personalproblems without necessary requiring assistance from a third party iswhat we call self-help[ CITATION Cho06 l 1033 ].Self-help website on theother hand is the online sites that help individual to solve theirproblems without necessary seeking assistance from other people.Lately technology has changed to use of internet making self-helpwebsites of use

Beforestarting to use any kind of channel to convey message to expectedparties one looks at the usage. Currently internet usage has beenrampant hence becomes the best mode to give lessons about self-help.Change of technology has facilitated the use of internet websites asmode of communication between the clients and the professional.

Self-helpwebsites is a site that helps patients and clients to get what theyreal want to know. This kind of websites provides common problemsthat face at least many people at a time[ CITATION Gra05 l 1033 ].This websitesassures the clients of confidence and high quality in dealing withthe problem. The websites tries to give the clients confidence thattheir problems will be addressed fully. There are several self-helpwebsite depending on the kind of problem to be addressed

Needfor self-help websites

Forprofessionals who wants to offer their services

Dueto change in technology, practitioners need to advance their ways ofreaching the clients. Self-help websites enables the practitioners tooffer their services through the internet.

Forclients and patients

Self-helpwebsites are created for teens and clients who use the interment as amode of solving their personal problems. These clients normallyencounter similar problems and to an extent they want assurance thatthey are not the only ones with such problems. This websites are forpeople who need confidentiality that their problems will be solved.Another aspect that contributed to the creation of self-help websitesis the penetration[ CITATION ela04 l 1033 ].The penetration of this websites is high as most people currentlyspend much time on internet. Due to change in technology, people nolonger read books but instead spend much time on internet hencenecessitating the creation of these websites

Characteristicsof teens that makes the websites important

Mostteens have diabetes type one health condition. To help teens dealwith this health problem there is need to create confidence in themthat there are many teens suffering from this condition and they canbe helped to solve the problem. Teens are flexible. Technology ischanging in a span of seconds. Many teen people currently spend muchof their time on internet. Internet largely contributes to theirsocial circle. As early stated if one is targeting a certain group ofto pass certain information, look for what is the habit of thatgroup[ CITATION Sko08 l 1033 ].They areflexible as they can adapt to rigorous exercises like that of readingstories in attempt to solve teen problem. From the stories that theyread they are able to relate it with real life problem and thisaspect gives them confidence to deal with their problems. Lastly isthe engagement aspect. Teens like to be engaged in attempt to solvetheir problems. This websites tries as much as possible to engagethem on problem-based teachings. Achieved as the website provides, acertain related real problem that, will try to solve the problem athand.

Developmentof self-help websites

Indeveloping a self-help website, there are steps to follow. First, isidentifying the focus group. Different kinds of groups of people tendto face different related problems. For that matter, teens will bechallenged with different kind of problem[ CITATION Mul11 l 1033 ].Forinstance teen diabetes type one is a problem that faces teens underthe age of thirteen and eighteen. Once one has identified the group,which is teen, then identify the problem. For instance, the problemin our example is diabetes type that is affecting many teens.

Afteridentifying the group and the problem, then follows the assurance ofconfidence to the clients. In the website, try to assure them thatthey are not with their problems but you will be there with them indealing the problem. Assure them of high professional skills andstandard. Lack of this assurance may develop a negative perspectiveon the patients.

Alsoin developing self-help website try to come up with unique things.Unique ways of dealing with the problem that other people have notaddressed. These aspects create confidence to the clients, as theywill know that they are not dealing with an ordinary person butrather a professional.

Lastly,when the entire process is achieved then, a self-help website isready to be presented to the audience. Share generously yourknowledge in a site so that interested parties can be able to accessthe information.

Contentsof a self-help websites

Provisionof accurate information

Itis the responsibility of the professionals to provide clear and exactinformation that, the client’s needs. It might seem a common thingbut it is very essential to avail the information that clients wantto know. As well, it is paramount to give answers to mostly askedquestions. Also under this content, it is important to engage clientsby providing links where they can reach you and access feedback.


Mostpeople who access this websites have common problems that need to beaddressed. The most important thing in a website is to assure thepatients and clients of their confidence. They want assurance thatsomeone somewhere is helping them to deal with a problem. Inaddition, they need assurance that, that person is a professional andthe kind of services they will receive is that of high standard. Thekind of service that, one cannot get elsewhere.

Provisionof unique services

Onthe website, provide the best information that they can find onlyunique in that particular website. Information that is so differentfrom other sources with good qualities.

Sharingof perspective

Anotherimportant aspect is room of sharing ideas. It is not right for aprofessional to be mean but rather generous in sharing ideas. Thiswebsites have links of sharing both factual and support in regardwith clients needs. Integration of other internet methods like use offacebook emails to ensure that clients are able to access thewebsite.

Impactof self-help websites to the target population



Self-helpwebsite creates confidence to the target group. In the websites,target groups are assured that they are not alone with their problem.Sometimes dealing with individual problem is very hard. Otherproblems need an extra hand in dealing with them[ CITATION Zuc03 l 1033 ].Hence, as the professionalsin the websites try to create confidence to the clients is greatimpact. Clients are able and ready to truckle individual problems asthey are assured of confidence from their professionals.

Improvedway of reaching target group

Self-helpwebsites are internet oriented. This aspect makes it easier inreaching more people. Due to change in technology, many people haveresulted into usage of internet. To reach this target groups, thiswebsites have played a big role. Hence, they have positive impact inreaching more people who have resulted into usage of internet. If onewants to address issues regarding youths for instance, this websitesplays a big role.

Enhancespatient counselor engagement

Anotherimpact of self-help websites is that they enhance engagements betweenthe patients and profession[ CITATION Bra12 l 1033 ].For instance,teen can freely relate with their professionals more freely ininternet that face to face. Hence, this websites makes it easy indealing with teen problems like alcohol misuse and other teen relateddiseases.



Forinstance dealing with alcohol addiction, need adherence.Professionals are not necessarily with the patient but rather offerthe instructions through the internet. Since, alcohol patients dostruggle with their condition they need to be stricter. Websiteself-help does not offer this provision hence if the patient cannothave self discipline it might be hard to adhere to the requirements.


Sometimesthese websites fails to meet individual, as they are not based onindividual needs.


Self-helpwebsites that help to address the issue of alcohol are alcohol misusewebsites. This websites gives lessons that alcohol addicts need toadhere to stop the habit. Relative of the alcohol-drinking people canalso use the information in advising their beloved ones to handle thesituation. This kind of websites provides accurate and clearinformation that the clients want. They offer answers to thequestions that alcohol users will need answers. in addition this kindof websites have links to engage clients for feedback purpose.

Sofar, we have rehabilitation centers that try to help teens to curbalcohol misuse. Websites have not been effective in addressingalcohol in young people. This is because peer to alcohol influencesyoung people to engage in drinking. At their free will, they will notbother to seek help from internet but instead their parents willforce them to stop the habit through rehabilitation centers. Hencethey are yet to be provide

TherapyAlcohol Online is a designed website with contents that have listedproblems associated with misuse of drugs[ CITATION Sko08 l 1033 ].The content of this website as well has possible ways of handlingthis habit.Steps in dealing with alcohol are clearly stated down and it is uponthe patient to adhere to the steps.

Contentsof this website

Targetgroup is those people struggling with alcohol addiction. These groupsconsist of both women and men. Family members and relatives withpeople who misuse alcohol can also contribute to the circle oftarget. Information they acquire can help them in advising theirbeloved ones on the same.


Thiswebsite assures the clients that they are not after drawing moneyfrom their clients. They have started assuring their clients that,they are not like other who just deprive them money but in returnthey offer low quality service. This assurance is very crucial, as itwill develop positive mind on clients.

Accurateinformation and transparency

Thewebsite has accurate information about alcohol. The content of thewebsite offers answers to the questions that, most alcohol misuseswant to know. The website has also links that enable the practitionerto interact with the patient and give feedback.


Thiswebsites have proved to be cost effective comparing them with otherprovisions that offers lessons of curbing alcohol. However, not allpeople adhere to these rules, as most drinkers are addicts. They havedifficulties in self-discipline. Hence has not been much effective.

Efficacyhas not been that high as most users find it difficult to adhere toinstructions. Websites are not like rehabilitation centers wherevictims are restrained from usage. In rehabilitation centers, theinstitution ensures that there is no access of alcohol to itspatients. In websites, it is upon individual to restrain themselvesthrough strict adherence to rules given.


Mentalhealth promotion website

Mentalhealth promotion Websites helps to deal with psychological stress,sex education, domestic violence and another sort of stress[ CITATION Gra05 l 1033 ].This website is more appropriate in dealing with teen problems likethat of depression, anxiety, sex education and domestic violence asit provides education on the same. Many a time teens are affectedwith psychological problems but they are unable to seek assistancefrom their teachers or parents. This mostly affects their behaviorsin day-to-day activities. This is because they fear to face theirelders. This website has helped greatly in curbing this problem asthey can seek any information they want from the internet. Hence,this websites provides information in handling this kind of issues.As well, this kind of websites provides information to the youngpeople on how they should handle their depressions. In addition, thiswebsites provides sex education to teens. Sometimes parents fail toteach their children sex education. Once a kid has reached theadolescent stage, they have so many questions that need answers. Inmany occasions, they fear approaching their parents for thesame hence, websites becomes their solution. This kind of website isdesigned with accurate information, confidence assurance and haslinks to engage clients. There is identified efficacy as the websitehas proved to have some positive effect to teens in handling stress,depression to mention some.

Patienteducation counsel

Thiskind of website has been of great impact in helping the teens dealwith diabetes type one conditions[ CITATION Gra05 l 1033 ].This kind of condition mostly affects teens in the age brackets ofthirteen and eighteen.

Thiskind of website is designed with contents like that of accurateinformation. In the website, teens can find answers to the commonproblems that they incur while dealing with the condition.

Inaddition, the website assures teens of confidence that there areprofessional who will help them deal with this diabetic type onecondition. The website is efficient as it reaches large number ofteens that any channel cannot reach.

Inconclusion, Internal based self-help program for psychologicaldepression, websites for health relate condition in teens andwebsites related with alcohol in teens. Different problem in teensare addressed in different websites. For that, matter websitesrelated with health conditions in teens will be used in addressinghealth conditions like chronic conditions. Under this websites, teensare assured of their confidence that, there is a professionalsomewhere who will help those deals with their condition. In additionthey are assured of their fully satisfaction as services offered arepure professional that are not found somewhere else.


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