Should Hunting Be Banned

ShouldHunting Be Banned

Issuespertaining to animals have always elicited controversy or mixedreactions in the contemporary society. This may be an indication ofthe increased recognition of human rights, with issues such as animalbreeding, animal welfare, animal adoption and animal cruelty.Recently attention has turned to hunting and the legality orillegality of the same. It is well acknowledged that the activity hasbeen undertaken since time immemorial, particularly for food.However, recent times have seen a change of that, with a large numberof people hunting different animals for sport. While it is debatableon the efficacy and illegality of hunting, it is evident that theactivity should be allowed only in some cases.

First,hunting is usually indiscriminate, with individuals targeting anyanimal that comes their way. This may be dangerous for the wildlifeparticularly in the case of endangered species as it could result inthe extermination of the same. There are numerous rare species ofanimals and birds which are not in protected areas (Poole 12).Allowing hunting would result in their extinction. In addition, alarge proportion of hunters engage in the activity for sport ratherthan for the fulfillment of any economic or social need. Indeed, fora large number of them, the activity is simply considered a sport. Itis illogical to put animals in all that pain and cruelty for the sakeof sport.

Nevertheless,there are cases where hunting animals would be a necessity. Indeed,hunting may be a proper way for controlling certain species ofanimals particularly in cases where they cause destruction of lifeand property. This, however, should be restricted to those particularspecies rather than being carried out indiscriminately. On the samenote, it would be more preferable that the animals are anesthetizedand taken to other areas rather than being subjected to such cruelends (Poole 14).


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