Social networking in the hospitality industry

Socialnetworking in the hospitality industry

Withan increase in the number of individuals accessing the internet, thesocial media has enormously grown with the usage progressivelyshifting from individuals to the businesses. Many organizationsproactively use the social media to reach out to majority of therepeat and prospective customers. The social networking platformoffers a variety of tools and applications inclusive of popularsocial networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. In particular,businesses engaging in the hospitality industry are locked inconstant communication with the guests, choosing the interactivesocial networking platform over the traditional public relations andmarketing practices. This is so in a bid to remain competitive,implying a change on their marketing strategies.

Thepresent economic situation has led to many businesses cutting ontheir marketing budget. This has made most of the successful hotelsto shift from the traditional marketing practices to the socialnetworking platform. Intensified competition in the industry has ledto most companies coming up with new ways of interacting with theclients. Most of the leading hotels in the industry offer onlinebooking services giving the clients a high quality experience.Additionally, their websites include a trip advisor portal whichinvolves the rating system of the hotel enabling the travelers tovoice their opinions as per their previous experiences. This enablesthe hotel to improve on its service delivery, building up on itsreputation.


Socialnetworking bears a huge impact on the various industries in the worldand hospitality is no exception. This is because it plays an integralpart in improving the experience of the customers. Social networkingimpacts on how they book and research on their holidays and byallowing for feedback, social networking works to ensure that thesatisfaction of the customers is prioritized.

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