Social Structures Theories in Criminology


SocialStructures Theories in Criminology

SocialStructures Theories in Criminology

Indisagreement with the implication by social structure theories, crimedoes not expressly arise from the society. According to Schmalleger(2012), the social structure theories implicate the society as theroot cause of the crimes that take place in the society. Theassertion by the theories about criminal offenses is impractical andinappropriate. The implication is not appropriate because it does notplace responsibility for the crime on the people who commit them. Bydoing so, the theories overlook the real cause of the crime andconcentrate on the context of the crime. Therefore, it is rational todisagree with the theories because they are not objective enough.

Inaddition, it is inappropriate to assume that the society nurturespeople who commit crimes and are irresponsible. This assumption ismade when the theories hold that the society is responsible for thecrimes committed by an individual (Vito &amp Maahs, 2011).Therefore, the society is blamed for the actions of an individual. Itis wrong to blame the society since it is a party that is not able toact on its own, but reflects on the actions of the people.

However,if the theories are correct, they indicate that the society has fullcontrol over the freedom of mankind to act and behave. This is notthe case because people have freedom to choose. The freedom of choiceinforms the decisions and actions of people, which reflects the wayof life of the society (Vito &amp Maahs, 2011). In this regard, thesociety can only be judged by the culture of the people and not theindividual actions. In regard to freedom of choice, the society onlygives the context and consequences of the choices that people make aswell as the individual actions.


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