Reactionpaper on Boosting achievement with message that motivate- by Carol S.Dweck and Mindsets that promote resilience: when students believethat personal characteristics can be developed- by David s. Yeager

CarolS. Dweck and David S. Yeager have great passion in researching thearea of resilience, and investigating strategies to alter mindsets inorder to respond positively to challenges. Dweck (6) believes thatresilience is significant for schoolchildren and their lives.According to Yeager, David, and Carol (308), resilience is anybehaviour, attribute, and emotion response to a challenge. It resultsto a beneficial and a positive development such as putting moreeffort and seeking new strategies. On the other hand, non-resilienceis a negative response to a challenge that is not beneficial fordevelopment.

Dweckand Yeager urges that people belief that intelligence is eitherflexible or fixed. People who believe intelligence is fixed have nocontrol over the outcome and are satisfied with it. No matter howhard they practise a particular skill, they will never be good at it.On the contrary, those people who believe intelligence is flexible,they view challenges as opportunities to learn and develop.Therefore, they add more effort and varying strategies to deal withthe challenge. They believe that intelligence is created and learnedand they have the potential to improve in academics. Yeager et. al.(305), states that children view intellectual ability as strategiesthey can develop by using good strategies, putting more effort, andobtaining help from other people.

Dwecks(7), advices educators and parents to promote children mindsets bypraising their efforts and persistence instead of “being smart.”He says that praising a child because of “being smart” leads tofixed intelligence. Correspondingly, the child falls to deal withsimple academic challenges. The aim main of educators is to enhancemindset growth of children and help them to love learning, seeklearning, and learn effectively.


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