Sources of Religion


Sourcesof Religion

Sourcesof Religion

Thereare different sources of religion. To understand these sources, theconceptions of religious philosophers about sources of religion offerexplanations on some factors that motivate human beings to profess aparticular religion. Sources of religion follow the philosophy andconcepts in the theoriesadvanced by Ludwing Feuerbach, Sigmund Freud, and Rudolph Otto.

LudwingFeuerbach critiques Christianity as a religion sourced from thechild-like feelings and condition of human beings. Child-likeconditions refer to the collective perceptions of human beings ofthemselves as having the potential of greatness and thereforeprotracting the same collective greatness to a superior being in thesky. Consequently, human beings were pleased by the capacity of thedeity they had created until they idealized to the extent that theyseparated its perfect features from human nature.

SigmundFreud viewed religion as a childish delusion that human beings soughtto respond to feelings of guilt and despondency. Freud built thisargument on the assertions of Feuerbach that considered it achild-like feeling that emanated from the unconscious mind.Therefore, the need for security and forgiveness for some of thehorrible things human beings caused the advent of religion as apsychological reaction.

Accordingto Rudolf Otto religion is a concept that emanates from itself.Therefore, human beings did not depend on any prior experience tobegin believing in supreme beings. Thus, Rudolf suggested thatdiscussion religion should entail as separating it from otherdisciplines because it represents a completely different area ofknowledge unaffected by other academic perceptions.

Ofall the philosophers discussed above, Rudolf comes out as one who didnot want to explain religious origins in non-religious terms. This isbased on his views that, there is the need to separate religion fromother disciplines as it is fully a different area of knowledge, thusbeing affected by academic thinking.

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