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SteveBlank`s presentation to the Governor`s Conference during the closingsession of NGA`s annual meeting in 2012 concentrated on Growing thenext Big Idea. Steve had worked at Silicon Valley for many years withgovernment officials, small and large businesses (Blank, 2012). Hehad learned a lot of things and he shared the experiences in themeeting on the ways to create new businesses and jobs. A Startuprefers to organizations that are established to grow fast. The aim ofdesigning these businesses is growth and all the other activitiessuch as advancement in technology follow afterwards.

Startupshelp create a business model and outline the ways a company createsvalue for itself as well as for the customers. The type of startupthat adds the most valuable to an economy is lifestyle. It is abusiness whereby the owner turns his hobbies, talents and creativethinking skills into a money making venture. These businessescontribute to the economy by encouraging innovation and promotinggrowth to the societies that they have been established (Blank,2012). In addition, they boost the economy by providing employmentopportunities to the unemployed. Majority of these companies arecustomer oriented they are able to adapt to the changing economicclimates. The proprietors ensure that customers are loyal to theirbusiness which strengthens the economy.


NovaScotia is experiencing economic and population decline. There is aneed to invest so as to boost the economic growth. The world ischanging and people should come up with ideas that create a positiveattitude and turn potentials into reality (Blank, 2012). Thelifestyle startup will help improve productivity because the variousinnovations will lead to better and new jobs. It is also argued thatNova Scotia needs new businesses startup and growth orientedventures. Young people should utilize their skills and knowledgegained in school to create jobs that will help boost the economy.Starting lifestyle companies means that people pursue business oftheir choices and invests in their interests and passions for thebenefit of the community. In addition, they must create a businessplan so as to identify the problem they intend to solve and the sizeof opportunity (Blank, 2012). Although lifestyle startup involvesinvesting in one`s passions, market research, business structure andorganizing the finances is essential for success. The owner is selfemployed and works in a way that fulfills his lifestyle.


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Blank,S. G., (2012). Thestartup owner`s manual: Thestep-by-step guide for building a great company.

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