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Reactionto the article: Racism is alive from both sides

Itotally agree with the article’s opinion that racism do exist fromboth sides. Despite the fact that many people have tried to paintAmerica as a racism-free nation, from the grassroots up to nationallevel, racism still exist in America and it is not only one sided butfrom both sides. Racism which can be described as discriminationagainst one’s skin color or ethnicity has greatly impacted onAmerica as a nation, socially and economically. I would concur withthe authors’ view that many people in America do not considerracism as a serious issue and hence rarely talk or air their views onthe matter. As a result, racism has gone to another level whereby thewhites discriminate against the blacks and the blacks pay back bydiscriminating against the white.

Justas the article highlights, racism is deeply rooted and has nowreached alevel whereby, it is not only based on skin color but oncultural lines. This means racism is not only found between thewhites and blacks but also exist within one race. There areinstances, where blacks discriminate against other blacks based oncultural factors. I concur with Teresa’s idea that racism at theinternational level is inherited by chronological growth. This degreeof racism calls for much to be done in terms of addressing thischallenge and coming up with effective solutions. The government needto acknowledge that racism is a national disaster and hence give itpriority by implementing policies which will enable more cohesion andsocial integration among all races and hence enable peacefulco-existence which will greatly benefit the nation as a whole.


Racismis Alive from Both Sides.Web Article.

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