Francisof Assisi is not a new name to Roman Catholics. He is a believedsaint who is very respected by the Catholic Cathedral that perceivehim as a supporter saint of people responsible for upholdingenvironmental science. Mention the name Francis of Assisi to anyCatholic and they will tell you that he was such an honorable saint.This paper looks at who Francis of Assisi really was, his insightsand most significant accomplishments, how he actively performed thegospel life and what that performance meant not only for him but alsoto his understandings about Christianity.

Thoughhis date of birth is not so precise by many researchers, SaintFrancis of Assisi, as he is commonly known by the Catholic Basilica,is believed to have been born in either in 1181 or 1182 to Pietro diBernardoneand Lady Pica Bourlemont, both of Moricani. His father,Pietro di Bernardone was a wealthy business man who sold fabric andspice [ CITATION Eli01 l 1033 ].Hewas conceived when his parents were visiting a Holy Land. Francis wasborn at Assisi in Umbria at the time when Pietro di Bernardone was inFrance for trade. Initially, Lady Pica Bourlemont had given him thename of Giovanni, but when Pietro di Bernardone returned from hisbusiness trip in France, he changed his name to Francesco, whichmeans Francis. During his childhood, he studied Latin as well ascolloquial speech together with music and poetry [ CITATION Eli01 l 1033 ].Being a sonof a merchant, Francis learnt a few skills of how to run a businessand when he was a teenager, he tented Pietro di Bernardone shop [ CITATION Eli01 l 1033 ].

Asnoted by CatholicOnline (par), whilehe was only twenty years old, Francis participated in the war betweenAssisi and Perugia. He was captured by Perugia’s and was heldhostage for nearly a year. While in captivity, he became so ill andhe started thinking about God, or rather religion. In 1205, he stilltook part in war with Apulia. Nonetheless, he had a vision in whichhe was called by God to serve Him. Immediately after the dream,Francis went back to Assisi and started a charity program for theinvalids [ CITATION Joh00 l 1033 ].The following year, he had a dream in which Jesus called him tooverhaul His Cathedral. He took it literally and commenced repairingSan Damiano church in Assisi [ CITATION Eli01 l 1033 ].Pietro di Bernardone was so furious with Francis that he made thebishop imprison him for a couple of years. He had a call forspreading the gospel so he looked for some members. Pope Innocent lllgave Francis and his ten members an endorsement for association [ CITATION Eli01 l 1033 ].

Thisassociation was named by Francis, the ‘Friars Minor’ [ CITATION Joh00 l 1033 ].The association voyaged through the whole of central Italy as well asfar more regions. They were spreading the gospel of Jesus, tellingpeople to turn to Christ and leave their evil ways. His gospel was somuch about simplicity as well as poverty [ CITATION Joh00 l 1033 ].Francis encouraged people to depend on God for farsightedness and notworldly possessions. He later had an insight of turning hisskills of preaching the gospel and poetry into composing of prayersas well as songs [ CITATION Eli01 l 1033 ].

Francisof Assisi is believed to have preached to a flock of birds. WhileFrancis and friar group were voyaging along the road, he looked up tothe trees and saw many birds. He followed them and meekly pleadedwith them to listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ [ CITATION Joh00 l 1033 ].The birds carefully listened to him as he said that they had a reasonto praise God,since he had given them feathers to clothe themselves with, and ahope in the air. One of his colleagues recorded the preaching. AsFrancis was through with his sermon to the birds and he startedwalking away, the birds are said to follow him and stretched theirnecks as well as extending their wings for him to bless them as hewalked through [ CITATION Joh00 l 1033 ].From this event, Francis of Assisi felt that all creatureshad a right to worship and love the Lord, so he started admonishingall of the creatures, including stones to praise and worship theirGod [ CITATION Joh00 l 1033 ].

Bythis action, Francis of Assisi understood the importance of gospel toall creatures, even those that have no feelings. When his followersbecame many, he gave them duties and went to a secluded place forprayers. He somehow altered his rules and wrote new rules that hadmore information about Christ. This has ever since been followed bypeople of Roman Catholic Church and Christianity at large [ CITATION Joh00 l 1033 ].


Theact of Francis of Assisi preaching to the birds of the air gave himan insight of admonishing all other animals, including those withoutfeelings, to love and praise their God. He understood that even thosecreatures needed to hear the gospel of Christ and they had feelings.Francis of Assisi can be regarded as a pillar of Christianity andmostly Catholics.


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