Thearticle is about a research report that talks about workplaceharassment. The author is trying to determine how both sex andethnicity does affect the occurrence of sexual harassment and ethnicharassment at the workplace. From the research report, it is evidentthat the minority group falls under the victims of ethnic harassmentin the workplace. In addition female at the workplace are the victimsof sexual harassment[ CITATION Wil10 l 1033 ].However,in the research report it is evident that minority women face doublejeopardy when it comes to both types of harassment. As much as theirissues are rarely addressed, they face more discrimination in theworkplace than the majority men, majority women, and minority men.

Theauthor addresses the issue of harassment in the workplace. Thisharassment is based on the ethnicity and sexuality. The findings arethat minority groups face ethnic harassment in the workplace andwomen faces sexual harassment. However, minority women face doublediscrimination hence the most affected when it comes to workplaceharassment. In recommendation, the research report is true and it ishigh time the issues of minority women were addressed.

Thecredibility of the author can be trusted. From the research studywhere employees have been interviewed, the elements of both sexualand ethnic harassment have been identified. The author is reportingthe research finding. The author has not distorted any information,as it is evident that minority groups’ faces ethnic harassment andwomen faces sexual harassment in the workplace. However, of all thegroups, minority women face double harassment hence the mostaffected.

Thestrength of the hypothesis is that it gives the result in numericfigures that enables important sectors to value it. However, thehypothesis has a weakness of difficulty in interpreting theinformation by use of regression standard deviations and othermethods of analyzing the data. The school administrator shouldutilize this information to treat all students and the school workersequally and not based on sex or ethnic group.


Williams,C. L., &amp Dellinger, K. (2010). Genderand sexuality in the workplace.Bingley: Emerald

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