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Hollywood is a district in Los Ageless, California. It has been afilm and entertainment center. Hollywood films are movies produced inAmerica by America producers. Hollywood film and television shows arethe primary sources of commercially successful movies in the world.It is the different environment where the biggest movies come to lifeand the actors glorified. Hollywood objective is to entertain andmake profits, but it did not come to such status without influencingpeople. It has led to trends that haveimpacted the society profoundly (Kotler &amp Armsrong, 2012).Research indicates that human beings copy one another at a very earlyage. Styles&nbspsuch as dressing half naked, has become a norm, andall want to join this sophisticated trend. Since people want to belike their idols, they dress like them, do make up similar to whatthey do and shape up their bodies like them. It does not matter ifthey use substances that affect them as long as they attain thedesired body and shape as their idols (Kotler &amp Armsrong, 2012).

From recollection of the roaring 20’s, and the Harlem RenaissanceHollywood brought about trends that have impacted societysignificantly. These television shows have immense effects andinfluence on the society due to their ability to entertain, influenceand continuously makes profit (Scot, 2012). Smoking and takingalcohol by celebrities in the movies has triggered the society tothat behavior. It has promoted smoking of cigarettes and other drugs(Asia, 2015). This has been the mode of advertisement to tobacco andliquor companies as they smile on their way to the bank. Hollywoodstars have a habit of taking drugs that trend in most of theircinemas. It creates an image that cigarettes smoking and drinkingliquor is a way of showing standards and being fashionable. Researchshows that the majority of the drug addicts are addict of Hollywoodmovies (Negra, 2014).

Hollywood movies stars have social responsibilities. It hasprojected political message of anti-war. When George Bush opted tomove the troop to Iraq, he used celebrities like Sheryl Crow to speakabout anti-war such as avoiding nuclear warfare and bring back thetroop. It has also led to social responsibilities where thecelebrities come together and campaign to help the victim of aparticular disaster. It marks its self as a great contributor to theAmerican society that voices its belief in politics and other worldlyevents (Negra, 2014).

Television and Hollywood movies have violence, and sexually explicitmaterial portrayed on children and youth. Research indicates thatsubstantial exposure to this kind of films is the cause of aggressivebehavior, crime, and violence in the society. Access to visual mediathat has increased drastically has made children and youth topractice what they see in the movies, and some want to be like theidols. Copying their lifestyle forgetting the movie does not portraytheir character behind the camera in the film (Klein, 2014). In themovie, Major crimes always interfere with the kids and teenagers ifnot well guided since they want to practice what they have seen. Itleads to a series of crime events in the society. In conclusion, ithas been noted by researchers the society is influenced by theHollywood movies and television shows. Adverse effects on morals arenoted, and the society has little or no ability to control it.Hollywood Television shows are just one of the factors that affectthe moral of the society since they come from different backgroundand orientation (Klein, 2014).


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