The Advertisement that was not successful

TheAdvertisement that was not successful

TheAdvertisement that was not successful

Theessay reviews an ad that gone bad and didn’t serve the intendedpurpose. The paper also explains why the ad failed and what can bedone to make it better. The ad below was designed by a motor salescompany for individuals and other businesses, which may buy motorvehicles at any time.

Theadvertising company intended to increase the number of customers whobuy vehicles from all the motor dealers. From the ad texts, you cansee that they have instructed all the dealers, not to use the “N”word. In addition, the advert assures customers ten days withoutusing the “N” word. However, the persuasive attempt failedbecause the ad emphasizes more on the texts rather than the product.In addition, the ad texts are not legible enough to convince acustomer.

Ithink the ad was directed to customers who might fear to shop at themotor dealers due to the use of the “N” word. The advertiserintends that all consumers irrespective of the ethnic backgrounds orraces to shop at their motor vehicles distribution outlets. The “N”word may mean a “nigger” and the word sounds offensive to theblack people.

Despitethe advertising attempt to persuade the customers, the ad itselfcould have offended the black skinned people. It sounds offensive theso-called niggers, and thus the ad couldn’t make it. The intentionof the advertising firm wasn’t achieved since the ad picture, andthe texts weren’t clear. The selected colour of the pictures ispoor and less appealing to the readers and viewers. I think thepeople reading through the ad texts may feel threatened and oppressedbecause it states that the ban on the use of the “N” word willonly last for ten days. A “nigger” may feel not catered for inthe ad, and even if the “N” word meant something else, he/shewould conclude that it is offensive (The Guardian, 2015).

Fromthe advert, you can see that the advertiser used the ethos in makingthe ad texts. He tries to win the confidence and trust of the readers(customer) by giving assurance on the “N” word use ban for tendays. The company shows its credibility in instructing and directingthe car dealers working everywhere in the market. Considering the useof pathos in the ad you can see that the advert didn’t convince thereader adequately. I think the advert maker wanted to create anemotional appeal by use of texts, but, unfortunately, the ad didn’tsucceed due to the illegibility and use of poor colour. The logos arepoorly used in the ad because he presents information in an illogicalmanner. For example, the statement “Between the 9thand 18thof November” could have been the first in the ad followed by theother sentences in a logical manner (The Guardian, 2015).

Theargument of the ad breaks down when they say that the ban on the useof the “N” word only lasts for ten days. At this point, thereader feels that the period is too short, and it should have lastedfor much longer time. Some of the elements used in the advertisementanalysis include the design of the ad and the use of space. Also, therelationship between the picture and the written material, as wellas, the mood it creates to the audience has been utilised in theadvert analysis. Improving the elements would make the ad better. Forexample, making the texts legible and aligned in a logical manner,using a nice colour and introducing people’s pictures would makethe ad more attractive.


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