SinceApple came into existence, it has transformed the entire worldsignificantly with the introduction of many IT devices. Their latestdevice is the iWatch, which enables the user to perform numerousphone operations from the wrist. Speculations about the developmentof the iWatch by Apple began after Tim Cook filed a patent for it. Itwas then evident that the Apple firm was on the verge of designingand producing a new technology in the information sector. OnSeptember, 2014, Apple unveiled their new product, a smartwatch,known as the Apple watch or the iWatch(Apple, 2015).

Theproduct is still new in the market and thus less of it is known. Thenew product is, however,yet to display its trend in the market asopposed to other Apple products. This technology involvestransforming popular wristwatches into something completely strange,a watch with iOS capabilities to support applications, connectivityand play music. In November, 2014, the firm started developingapplications for the iWatch(Apple, 2015).Apple boasts of their sole possession of this technology, but thequestion that remains unanswered is, what is the future of theiWatch?

Applehas dominated the IT industry for a long time. This has been madepossible by their product uniqueness and quality. The firm hascontinuously produced new products that nobody would have everimagined of their existence. Once produced, these products become anecessity that many people find hard to live without. Applemanufactured the first smartphone, the iPhone, the firm laterproduced the first tablet, the iPad and it is now producing the firstsmartwatch, the iWatch. The giant IT firm has a trend of outsmartingother firms in whatever market that it joins. For example, after thefirm produced the iPod, the market for CD players and other portablemusic devices was destroyed. The production of the iPhone too, markedthe end of the Blackberry domination. The Apple watch, whichpossesses advanced features, is certain to outdo other firms in thewrist watch market in terms of technology(, 2014).

Beingthe pioneer in smartwatch production, Apple will need to popularizeit so as to inform the market of its essence. Through this strategy,the market will be fully aware of the product and hence individualscan decide on whether to buy the product or not. Apple have alwaysbeen good in marketing their products, and the case with the iWatchis not likely to be unique. In a market where a firm’s products arealready in the market, introducing a new brand of their products isnot difficult as they benefit from customer loyalty(The Verge, 2014).

Thesmartwatch is automatically going to disrupt other ordinary watchesreducing their market significantly. The world is goingtechnologically smart at an extreme rate. Technologies on how toimprove devices in the IT industry are emerging every day. Just asthe people dumped ordinary phones for smartphones and iPhones, it isvery possible that they will dump ordinary wrist watches forsmartwatches. Everybody want to communicate more efficiently andeffectively and the smartwatch satisfies this needs perfectly (TheDaily Dot, 2014).

Nevertheless,it is not obvious that the Apple watch will have a simple time in themarket. The product is certain to face resistance in the market asits price will obviously be high and incomparable to that of ordinarywrist watches. Being an iOS device, the smartwatch may be avoided bypeople who prefer other operating systems. People who need watches asfashion accessories may also find the Apple watch less satisfying. Itis automatic that people will question the real essence of these newproducts, will people spend a lot of money on something else thatwill act as a second smartphone? Their real impact in the IT industryis yet to be really determined. Wrist watch manufacturers seemunperturbed by the introduction of smartwatches. They still maintainthat only a few people will rush for the smartwatches, but in thelong run, most people will discover that ordinary watches are classy(The Daily Dot, 2014).

Despiteall the talk about the Apple watch, it still remains evident thatpeople are craving for further advancement in technology to maketheir lives easier and comfortable. The Apple watch will only createanother major milestone in technology. The introduction of theproduct will not come with any uncertainties, the impact on societywill either be positive or none, but not negative. Apple has producednew devices over the years and all these devices have impactedgreatly to their users, becoming part of their lives. Therefore, itwould not be worth speculating that a smartwatch would be analternative smartphone. The smartwatch can be synchronized with thesmartphone, then it is obvious that viewing notifications will beeasier on a smartwatch on the wrist than a smartphone in the pocket.A smartwatch would be more convenient to communicate even whiledriving as opposed to smsrtphones(, 2014).


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