The Heartless Philanderer


TheHeartless Philanderer

Inmy view, he was a hyena in a sheep’s skin. As a responsible memberof the society, I decided to mobilize other responsible members ofour society so that we could punish him for his bad behaviors. Weunanimously agreed to beat and expel him from our society in aconfidential meeting. He was so heartless because he gaveappointments to different women at distinct women. Each visitorstayed for about three hours at his house, and then another femalevisitor would come soon after the other left. The entire teamresolved to acquire solid evidence to acquire solid evidence thatTimothy was sleeping with the female clients that frequented his homeon daily. In fact, we estimated that between seven and ten womenvisited his home every day.

Eachmember of the twenty-five member committee contributed a hundreddollars in the first sitting. We agreed to hire the most reputeddetective to investigate Timothy. In a week’s time, the detectivehad acquired adequate proof that we required confronting Timothy. Hediscovered that Timothy was a renowned philander targeting vulnerablewomen such as widows, orphans and women enduring abusiverelationships.

Thedetective broke in Timothy’s house and set secret video cameras andaudio transmitters so that he could audio-visual evidence of theissues that were taking place. In the visual camera the detectiveset, it had a good view of the entrance and the living room. Itcovered the large groups of women visiting Timothy’s home daily.Another one showed that each woman who visited Timothy’s homebathing towards the end of the session, a solid evidence that thewomen were sleeping with him. In fact, some women went straight tothe bathroom, changed their regular clothes, and wore loose-fittinggowns, with only their underclothes, before going into another roomwhere they would stay for about two hours. The women left the otherroom looking sweaty and fatigued as usual with a person who hasengaged in vigorous coitus (Nuovo, 2007). In addition, the detectivehad set a camera at a strategic place where it recorded the eventstaking place in a secret room where Timothy took the women. Itrecorded silhouetted images of a man helping a woman to undress, andthen helping her to lie on a mobile that he later pushed to aposition that the camera could not record.

Iwas so infuriated to learn that Timothy had been infecting women withthe deadly virus, including my wife, as she was caught on the cameravisiting his home. I also saw her changing into the usual lingeriewomen wear at his home. After some time, she took a bath at Timothy’shouse, dressed and bid him goodbye with a passionate hug and peck onboth sides of her cheeks. It was so humiliating that I could notbelieve I was infected with the killer virus. I had discovered thatmy wife’s libido had drastically reduced within the last one year,but I did not suspect that she was cheating on me because sheappeared so innocent (Nuovo, 2007). Nine other committee members sawtheir close relatives such as sisters, cousins, aunts andgrandmothers visiting Timothy’s home.

Wecould not wait for another day. We armed ourselves to the teeth withall sorts of weapons we could find. We also carried petroleum fuel aswe intended to raze his house to ashes after beating him thoroughly.We had hired two army veterans to lead the 9.00 P.M mission. We didnot struggle to break in because he had not locked the door. In thebackground, we could hear soft moaning of a woman making love. Wetiptoed to the room expecting to catch Timothy red-handed.Unfortunately, we were disappointed to discover that it was just asoap opera on television. We broke into another room where we foundbig and complex machines mainly found in big hospitals. The room wasneat, and the atmosphere resembled that of a hospital. We advanced toanother room where we found camera systems fitted in strategiclocations. We were just in time to see a woman walking into Timothy’shome at night. As usual, she proceeded to change her clothes intoloose lingerie. She then went into another room that she knocked, andTimothy opened in a less than a sixty seconds. He was dressed in awhite short, green t-shirt and open shoes. She hugged himpassionately, as she entered and closed the door behind her.

“OOH!No! That is my wife! This dog will pay dearly!” The ex-soldier wehad hired exclaimed as he dashed out of the room.

“Holdon! Just allow them ten minutes so that we can catch them in theact.”

Theten minutes seemed like a year. We were all eagerly waiting todiscipline Timothy in a way he will never forget for abusing ourwives and significant others, just because he was wealthy. To oursurprise again, the door was not closed. We dashed in brandishingcrude weapons as we bayed for Timothy’s blood. He looked upsurprised with the gang of men threatening to take away his life.

Theman who claimed that the woman who had entered the room was his wifedemanded to see her. He went swearing that he would kill her.

“Youcan dare kill me because I am dying, and I would have died a longtime ago if it were not for the man you want to kill.” Sheresponded calmly to her husband. “You turned into an abusive andirresponsible alcoholic that you do not even realize that I have beensuffering from kidney failure. And you,” she was pointing at me,“are you aware that you wife is suffering from chronic diabetes forthe last two years? You have been spending all your income on alcoholand commercial sex workers while your wife was dying at home (Nuovo,2007). How dare you bay for this man’s blood when he quit hisprestigious medical profession at Harvard to establish a free clinicfor the people suffering from chronic diseases?”

Wewere so embarrassed. In fact, the entire group was composed of streetidlers, drug-pushers and irresponsible men that had neglected theirfamilies. We later discovered that Timothy was providing free healthcare services for chronic diseases, especially dialysis since onlyone hospital had the facilities (Nuovo, 2007). He was inspired toconvert his home into a hospital because his wife had succumbed tokidney failure disease as the local therapist was on holiday. He wasa philanthropist working to transform our society while we thought hewas a womanizer, perhaps because the entire members of groupconspiring to beat him were unfaithful.


Nuovo,J. (2007). Chronicdisease management.New York, NY: Springer.

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