The Last Judgement

TheLast Judgement

TheLast Judgement is a significant theme in the Christian art. The themecombines stories from the New and Old Testaments, as well as, thegospels to a single unified picture. Michelangelo, an Italian painterand artist, produced one of the most famous western works of artdisplayed on the backside wall of the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City inRome. The painting entitled TheLast Judgementtook four years before it was complete in painting. The LastJudgementdepicts the end of the world and people’s judgement before Christ.It is a concrete example of Michelangelo’s works of art that hasbrought a lot of controversies in the modern world. However, duringthose days, in the fifteenth century, the painting became famousbecause of its scandalous content, as well as, the representation ofartistic perfection to the people. The artist displayed nude picturesof men including the Christ.

Ithink there will be inadequate historical works of art to show in aworld without TheLast Judgementpainting by Michelangelo. The artist piece of work depicts the realday of judgement as discussed in the Bible and thus it is relevant toChristians. Though the picture showed the nudity of saints and theChrist, it was significant in growing the theme of the Last Judgementin the Christian art. In addition, the picture is a representation ofthe Michelangelo’s works of art in Christian literature, as wellas, his artist perfection in the Italian art.The painting of TheLast Judgement wasalso facilitated by Pope Paul in the 1530’s. It marked thedeparture from the original painting commissioned by Pope ClementVII.

Theartistic nature of TheLast Judgementis much appealing because all the figures in the painting arepresented naked irrespective of social rankings and hierarchy. Mostworks of art in the medieval times contained figures dressedaccording to their social classes. The uniqueness of the paintingraised a lot of concerns by then and even today since it displayedthe nudity of all holistic figures.These controversies have broughtabout the modification of the picture to cover the nude pictureslater, in the 20thcentury.The painting is therefore, significant because it indicatesthe origins of controversies that surround this piece of art eventoday.

Thepainter has successfully executed his artistic skills and presentedthe male nude figures in different postures. Most of the figures lookoriginal due to the painter’s abilities to perfect his art. Thecentral male figure is Christ, who is painted as supreme andpowerful. The other masses revolve around the Christ, where somepeople are enjoying and rejoicing in joy because they have beensaved. On his right hand side, Christ consigns others to be damned toHell.

Thepicture shows famous religious figures such as Saint Bartholomew,Minos and Charon. Michelangelo has painted the eyes of Saint Charonwith ember colours and the other figures with more appealing coloursmaking the painting beautiful. The artist has successfully paintedthe figures and the background with colours, which make the viewersto create imaginative scenes of how the judgement day would be afterthe end of the world. Note that the painting has been relevant tobelievers since it creates hope for the saved and those in sin tendto repent due to that fear of going to Hell. Also, the world would beworse if the artistdid not produce such a work of art, which createsa lot of controversies in the Catholic Church despite its populaceamong the artists and lovers of art.

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