The Lion King Disney Tale

TheLion King Disney Tale

TheLion King Disney Tale

TheLion King Disney animation was the favorite childhood film for mostchildren of that generation. It was very interesting to watch thelion dynasty of King Mufasa. The film made it believable that animalstoo have a kingdom with the lion family as the royals. It wasbelievable that animals also marry and engage in love relationships.King Mufasa and his lovely wife, Queen Sarabi represented the royalcouple. In real life, the lion looks convincingly strong andcourageous to be king. Like all other fairy tales, hyenas created asense of humor that fits their everyday description. Although cangenuinely relate the truth of the story in the African safari withthe realities of life, the subtle lessons from watching TheLion King stillinfluence children of this generation into adulthood. Themes such asjealousy, greed, the value of trust reinforced the vices in theanimal kingdom just as they exist among as human beings.

Themost spectacular scene that had a lot to learn from was the birth ofthe cub Simba. The entire animal kingdom, including King Mufasa andQueen Sarabi celebrated the birth of an heir that would inherit thekingdom. However, this was not a jubilant day for everybody in thekingdom. One member of the lion dynasty did not like it at all. Thescene underscores the themes of greed and jealous among people. Whenfortune and nice things happen to someone, it causes misfortune toanother person. King Mufasa’s brother, Scar was the villain whenall this was happening. While everybody celebrated the birth of thefuture king, Scar sat in the backside of Pride Rock (the officialgathering site of the animal kingdom where king lion met otheranimals on different occasions), grumbling. The main lesson from thisscene is that, those who dislike one’s fortunes may not come fromvery far. They may just be members of the family. Therefore, peopleshould not take family support as a guarantee when they need it.Greed destroys family ties and it can potentially set family againstitself. Scar was a lion who should have been happy with the birth ofyoung Simba, but he treated this as a misfortune since his positionas the heir to his brother was gone. He said,

“Lifeis not fair. I shall never be King”

Zazujoined Scar in the cave and tells him, “You should have been firstin the line.” Scar looked up regrettably and replied, “I was thefirst in the line until the little hairball was born.” Ironically,the rest of other animals not from the lion dynasty expressed theirjubilation. The elephants trumpeted loudly with their trunks,giraffes bowed their heads in approval of all that was happening, andthe zebras stamped their feet to show the king that all was well.Everyone has a role to play in life. The Lion King showed thatanimals too have virtues that guide their lives. They live togetherin the jungle under the leadership of King Mufasa. Virtues such aslove for one another, respect to authority, and humility unifies themto live in peace. When Simba grew up, King Mufasa gave him wisecounsel on how to be a good leader. Simba thought that being a kingwas all about doing what he wants. However, King Mufasa tells him,“There is more to being king than getting your way all the time.”The words of King Mufasa summarized why the world is endlessly inconflict because of pride from leaders.


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