Theworld we live in is like a puzzling riddle, or a bewildering mysterya proverb with a hidden meaning. Like the trees of the forest, or thefive fingers of the hand which are unequal, so are many facets ofhuman life. We try to brainstorm, find an answer to every phenomenon,establish a rationale for any philosophy, but for a fair-mindedrational human being, some concepts are not the way we think theyshould be. Perhaps I should demonstrate. Communities that live arounda huge mountain will have a story, belief or value that affiliates totheir history, religion or culture respectively. Children who grow upin farming communities, if not exposed to the outside world will havea propensity towards farming. The same case will apply for fishingcommunities. Therefore, there lies a lot of considerable sense in thenotion that “we are what we see”.

Itis not debatable that we are different, and that each person isunique in their own way. As a matter of fact, some are physicaldiscrepancies: male as to females, old versus young, physicallymighty vis-ẚ-vis the weak and the list is endless. But let’s nottake that as the challenge, for the quest of a curious mind is:should these mismatches really build a heaven-earth rift between howwe fathom the definition of a man from a woman? Is the understandingbased on objective or subjective judgments? In this epochcharacterized by electronics powered lifestyle, do the media lead usto believing in this man-woman difference ideology?

Firstand foremost, it will be incorrect to present the conviction that manis 100% as woman. Of course, they are not. Well, what makes themdifferent and how different are they? Science depicts man and womanas animals and precisely mammals. It further excels in manifestinghow different their body physiology is_ the reproductive system,muscle alignment and bone typology. But tangible evidence of what menand women think about man and woman is left to philosophers,psychologists and sociologists.

InAfrica for instance, the roles of woman in the household andcommunity at large are by far contrary to what prevails in Europe.The roles of an Asian man are never exactly the same with those of anAustralian. This is again a mystery to unravel. However, amidst allthis uncertainty, one thing stands out: what people understand andmore accurately, what people have been made to understand shapes howthey respond to gender role difference. It is like when you visit awildlife reserve abroad, and you meet animals, trees, creation andpeople you never thought they existed. In that case, the tour guidewill literally explain to you what they mean or where they came from,and you will concur with him. In any case you had no idea in thefirst place. In the same way, children trust their mums and dads, andbelieve every nugget of information that flows from their mouths.They see people reading, playing, singing, speaking andinstinctively, they follow suit.

Tosum it up, the media has been such a great tool in controlling ourfeelings, thoughts, convictions, and attitude and so on. It usespoignant scenarios to create fear, anxiety, horror and sorrow. Itapplies thrilling techniques in presenting human related dogma. Notto forget, the role of man and woman in the society.

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