The Planetree Model

ThePlanetree Model

ThePlanetree Model

Asa patient in Shands AGH, Florida, the Plane Tree Model offers aspecial healthcare approach designed to nurture and support healingat varied levels to include spiritual, physical, social, mental andemotional. Traditionally, hospitals were undesirable places tosupport patients’ recovery. However, Plane Tree Model interconnectsspirit, body and mind, as well as encourages patients to participatein the healing process. The advantage, of using this therapy model,is that it enables patients heal physically and emotionally astherapists can readily listen and understand the requirements ofpatients. Besides, hospitals allow patients to interact with familymembers, friends and other resourceful people who can accelerate thepatients’ recovery rate (Morrison, 2014).

Onthe other hand, the Planetree model provides healthcareadministrators with a platform for integrating physical, social,mental, spiritual and emotional treatment methods. These approachesenhance health care results through combining the best medicaltherapies. The administrators also integrate nature and arts in orderto quicken the healing process. Besides, the management permitspatients to request their desired that is provided by trainedvolunteers in the form of praying, listening, meditating, reading, oreven providing simple etiquette such as holding hands. The treatmentmodel is mainly essential for long-term patients that desire companywhile recuperating in a health care institution (Morrison, 2014).

Forthe medical community, they believe they are humans that arededicated to providing health care to other humans. Since everyone isa caregiver, he or she should exercise caregiving skills throughcompassion and kindness. Administrators should integrate friends,family and relatives in health services provision. Besides, healthcare administrators should ensure to educate patients concerningavailable treatment options, and then let them choose their preferredtreatment solutions (Morrison, 2014).

InFlorida, the Shands at Alachua General Hospital (AGH) pioneered thePlanetree therapy model in Florida. The facility is located inGainesville, FL 32601-6289 (Good, 2008).


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