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Inorder to have his business running using the present technology, Billwill require top have different hardware. One of the items ofhardware he will need for his business is a laptop that has a harddrive of around 500 GB, RAM of four gigabytes. This will provideenough space for software and other information that may need to bestored in the computer and necessary speed for operations. Laptopwill be good for his business because he will be in a position to useit anywhere (Koh &ampMaguire,2009). He will also need a external hard disk of approximately fourterabytes in order to be in a position to store and access cataloginformation from any location. A switch or a router will be criticalfor his business in order to help him access internet from anylocation.

Giventhe hardware that bill requires, there are different operatingsystems that he can use these include Lisa Operating System, Mac OS,Chromium OS, and MS-DOS. However, MS-DOS emerges as the bestoperating system because it will offer Bill a more direct managementof the processes (Halder &ampAravind,2010). Besides, the MS-DOS can be perceived as the best operatingsystem because it will run on a smaller system, which implies it willbe in a position to boot faster.

Othertechnologies that may be required by Bill for his business entailwireless networking technology. This would help Bill to connect tointernet while she is at any location. Cloud technology would also beimportant in order to help Bill in hosting his website. A websitewill be necessary for his business because it will help Bill findservices through the website as well as provide information to bothprospective customers and existing customers. Furthermore, in orderto be in a position to compute his data effectively, he will needmobile computing devices.

Oneof the software that Bill will need to purchase is Skype software.This software will be critical to Bill’s business because it willhelp him in communicating effectively with his customers (Chesbrough,2003). For instance, since he will be forced to use videoconferencing at any location, Skype will provide a cheaper option forcommunication compared to other communication tools (Gendron,2013). In order to know how to communicate using Skype, Bill willneed to undergo a course under the use of internet and communication.This course will help him become thorough in communicating with hisclients using Skype. The software that will also need to be purchasedis that of Windows 8. This software will help Bill in accessing andusing excel, word, and access among other applications, which arecritical to his business. In order to be in a position to use thissoftware, Bill will need to undergo training in the use of Microsoftword, Microsoft access, and excel. Bill will also need to purchaseoperating system software in order to be in a position to use otherapplications. There will be no need of training on how to use thissoftware because he can hire someone or use guidelines in installingthe software.

Theestimated cost in implementing the suggestions will be $ 1830 thefollowing is the breakdown of the estimated cost:


Estimated Cost (in $)





External Hard Disk




Other Technologies







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