The use of Personality Assessments in the Selection Process

Theuse of Personality Assessments in the Selection Process

TheUse of Personality Assessments in the Selection Process

Theuse of personality tests or assessments is becoming so rampant inselection process in quite a number of organizations. During theselection process, the organization’s management is mandated toanswer just three questions. These are, does the person beinginterviewed have the required skills and experience? Does he have theright passion as well as drive, and lastly is the candidate going tofit in, in terms of his personality, attitude and general work style.Personality has a substantialpart to play in offering solutions tothese questions, particularly the last two questions [ CITATION Ann131 l 1033 ].The personality of employees has a great impact in the day-to-dayprosperity of an organization in many working circumstances. In casethere is no teamwork among workers, or the management lacks skills tomotivate the staff, then efficiency as well as excellence of servicewill be in a wanting state[ CITATION Abb12 l 1033 ].Most organizations come up with various personality questionnairesannually that they use to test the candidate’s specific characters,if the candidate is fit for a certain job or even the candidate’selementary temperament type [ CITATION Ann131 l 1033 ].

Ingeneral, assessment should not be used solely but has to be combinedwith other components in selection process. According to ABC News, ifall these tests are used in combination with other factors such as agood resume, a firm interview process with social-type interviewquestions, the manner in which the candidate presents him or herself,one should have a totally clear view of the candidate by means of allof these lenses and this will foretell if the candidate can fit infor the job or not [ CITATION Abb12 l 1033 ].


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