The West Wing Sn1 e11 A Review


TheWest Wing Sn1 e11: A Review

TheWest Wing Sn1 e11: A Review

Theseries “TheWest Wing”is a thrilling political drama that thataired in the 1999 as atelevision series. The series aired from 1999 to 2006 and is playedto happen at the west wing of the American White House, hence the thename “TheWest Wing.”Produced by the Waner Bros, the series revolves around the plticalintrigues that take place at the white house as the president seeksto govern and solve local and international issues. The espisodewatched in class was episode 11 from season 1 of te series, and ishereby highlighted.

Theepisode starts with the crisis between India and Pakistan borderconflict where a war escalates. The conflict poses a threat on theemergence of a nuclear clash with fear that the two warring countrieswill start using nuclear weaponry. The white house consults a Britishexpert. In these efforts to solve the conflict, the white house keepsthe Chief Justice out of the loop, an action that leads to loss oftrust and credibility for the white house press team. Meanwhile,personal relationships are going on with Zoey is pursuing Charlie. Atthe same time, Mandy is a member of senior staff who plans to advicea Republican politician in relation to a perception they have beeninvesting. The two consult on how to investigate the politician’saccusation that one third of the members of the white house staff usedrugs.

Theconflict between India and Pakistan involves a number of issuesrelating to the two countries and the global issues of internationalrelations. The attempt by the president to solve the conflict furtherattracts more economic, cultural and political issues, especially inthe United State. One of the main issues is the political implicationof the president’s effort to his public image as the leader of theUnited State. The reason for the involvement of the United State inthe conflict will be highly scrutinized by Americans. According toWeinbaum (n.d), countries do not require supervision or narrationinto their cultural or racial relations. Therefore, the role thecountry will play be keenly analyzed. This can make or break thepresident’s leadership and political edge.

Thepolitical interests of the United State in India and Pakistan willalso entail the need to use the two countries as allies. Therefore,President Bartlet&nbspwillwant to hold the two countries at the benefit of the United State. Atthe same time, the United State will focus on promoting the cultureof non-interference in the internal affairs of a foreign country.However, foreign intervention is needed. According to Thomas (n.d),the conflict of geographical boundaries requires appropriate foreignintervention to prevent war. In this regard, the United State mayfind it appropriate to lure the political culture of the twoconflicting countries, so as to make them allies, who embrace theAmerican culture (2006). This is important, especially with theglobal war on religious extremists.

Accordingto Gruesz (n.d), America is a strong economic and political countrythat should be involved in solving such conflicts of global concern.Therefore, the involvement of the United State in the conflictthrough the efforts by the president also attracts economicconsequences for the country. This is in the money and resourcesspent by the United State to finance her involvement in the conflict.The American taxpayers will therefore question the use of localresources to quell political and military conflicts in othercountries. Moreover, the trade ties between the two conflictingcountries with the United State are at stake. Therefore, America’sinvolvement will have a practical economic impact on the public andprivate commercial interests.

Theconflict in the episode presents a typical case of politicalintrigues that lie behind the presidency in regard to American andglobal issues. In the episode, the conflict between India andPakistan impacts on the decisions of President Bartlet&nbspinthe efforts to solve the border issue. As a result, the efforts willlead to political and economic considerations as America seeks tostamp her authority as a strong player in international relations.Moreover, internal issues and relations between senior publicofficers in the United State government and political set ups are putto test by the conflict at hand.


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