The Worst Day in my Life


TheWorst Day in my Life

Inthe entire school, I was reputed as the most disciplined student. Iwas proud of this status since many people confided in me about theirpersonal problems while others sought my advice concerningappropriate methods of tackling disciplinary challenges.

Amonth ago, my friend and I came across a wallet dropped a few metersfrom our school’s gate. It was six o’clock in the morning, andthe road is often desolate. We looked around to ensure that nobodywas watching us. After ensuring that we were all alone, my friendstashed the wallet in his pocket as we hurried towards our classroom.

Thewallet had fifteen hundred dollars. I proposed to my friend that wetook the money to the principal so that he could trace and probablygive back the money to the owner fruitlessly. He convinced me that weshould split the money. It was our lucky day. I took my sharereluctantly and hid it in my school bag despite that I felt guiltyfor my actions (Gulla, 2010).

Aftertwo hours, a middle-aged man called our school and requested theteacher on duty to inquire if any student found a wallet he had lostin the morning. We denied vehemently that we had not found the cash.At the evening, I discovered the man had dropped the money on theroad deliberately. He was a celebrity and a director of a televisionshow called “Just for Gags”. I could not believe that my friendhad influenced me to cheat, and so I would appear on the nationaltelevision cheating about the money, and then cheating that I did notfind it (Gulla, 2010). A hidden camera had recorded us picking thewallet, and the discussion we had as were arguing what to do with themoney until I gave in and decided that we could share the cash.


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