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ABride Idea Wedding Event Planning for200 guestBride___Groom___ Wedding Date Wedding Location LETTEROF AGREEMENTThisagreement follows our discussion on the date of ___ whichwe discussed your wedding and my professional help to you. WeddingCeremony scheduled on and Wedding Receptionscheduled on the date of and Actual times willbe assigned decided during the planning stage or may be determinedlater.Descriptionof ServicesAsa consultant,my dutyincludes:1.Help to allocatethevenue to accommodate200 guest2. Discussionof theme,color,styleandcompleteweddingdesign3.Helpcreatesa budgetandbreakdownas neededAsWedding Day Planner my dutiesinclude:1.Makea Visit to bothceremonyandreceptionsitespriorto wedding2.Changeson Development of a detailedweddingtimeline to becommunicatedearlier3.Wedding Rehearsal Director if contracted YES__ NO _Conditions1.Youwill makepaymentsdirectlyto me unless otherwisestated2.In theeventthere are nooutsidesourcing, thebrideandgroomagreeto useour theevent,theoriginaloranyparticularvenue becomesunavailable, foran unusualreasonwhatever thebridewill changeto a differentsiteto usein its place.4. OutsideVenders: In theeventifan outsidevendorrequirean agreementwith us andsigning of thecontract.Ifan outsiderdoesnot fulfillhis contract,youendup losingyour deposit.OutsideVendor Name Service Provider___ address Insurance Provider ___ Insurance Policy Number__ ifthevendorsignedour contract?Yes___ NO___ TheNot-So Fine Print is a clausein weddingsusedto prohibitcouplesfrom posting anynegativereviewonline anybridewhocommitstheactionis takenforlegalactionto takeplace.Thisworkledto a defamationlawsuitof up to $350,000 forblogging anonymously about a certified letter.Whenwritingyour reviews,calmlyre-read everything before youpost. Ventingyour frustrationson thewebmay feelgoodat themoment,butitcould comebackto hityouespeciallyifyouwritesomething that’snot accurate.Gettingthreatenedwith a lawsuitcan be seriouslyscary andrightlyso,butifyou’refacingthissituationtrynot to panic. An attorneyin United States of America, whoblogs at, believesthatclaimsof breachof contractis against publicpolicy,andlikelywon’t holdup in court.Opportunityto avoidlegalactionis doingthebestandavoidsbreachof contract.A contractis negotiableandiftheyrefuseit’sa goodsignyoushould moveto someone new(Govindjeeet al., 2012).


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