Treasured Life Experience

TreasuredLife Experience

Theimportance of life experiences in shaping the course of the life ofan individual cannot be understated. Indeed, it has always beenacknowledged that individuals and their characteristics orpersonality are the product of the life experiences through whichthey have gone. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that someexperiences are more memorable and have considerably more impact inan individual’s life than others. In spite of my young age, I havegone through experiences that were memorable and some that I wouldwant to forget. This is particularly the case for a high schooladventure. It is evident, however, that the value of experiencesrevolves around the lessons that it imparts in the life of anindividual.

Asa young athlete, I had managed to get admitted into the school teamafter showing remarkable skill and talent in soccer. This was aremarkable achievement given the immense competitiveness that theteam required. On the fall of 2010, the school team was bound tocompete against one of the best teams in the state. This was not seenas much of a challenge given the fact that my team had managed tohave an unbeaten streak for the entire season. In addition, the otherteam was pretty much unknown and had never reached the finals, inwhich case we were pretty much confident of thrashing it thoroughly.

Thefirst few minutes were very much okay, with nothing eventfulhappening. However, on the 17thminute I noticed some form or reorganization on the part of theopposing side with few players remaining on the defense and almostall of them heading to our side of the goal post. Within less than aminute, the players had scored on our side. This came as a surprisegiven the simplicity of the opposing team’s tactics and the speed.It did not take time for the team to score other two goals on ourside. It was evident that we were on the verge of losing on and thereseemed to be little we could do about it. The levels of confidence onour side were going down and by halftime, we were already feeling theeffects on our morale.

Duringhalftime, the coach land team manager gave us an earful regardingwhat we did or did not do that contributed to the loss in the firsthalf. Upon going back into the pitch, my team lost two players, oneon injury and another one on red card. This may have triggered loudnoises from the cheering squad on our side, which enlivened us on theburden that we carried. It did not take long for us to turn thetables and get a single goal onto the opposing team. This triggeredan upsurge of morale on our side, in which case we borrowed thetactics of the opposing side and went ahead to score three more goalsin less than 30 minutes. We were still privy to the magnitude of theteam we were competing against, in which case we did not let ourconfidence go too high. Eventually, my team managed to clinch thetitle of the league.

Whilethis may seem as if it was a seamless process, it was laden withlessons regarding life and success. First, it imbued lessons on thefolly of being overconfident irrespective of the skills and talentsthat an entity may have. In addition, misfortunes and failures arenot aimed at putting us down but rather giving us the impetus to tryharder. Individuals are only supposed to take up their pieces andmove on with the lessons of the past and go ahead to conquer thefuture (Amis 29). This was a real awakening on my part as I haveapplied the lessons to varied other aspects of my life with amazingresults.


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