Unit 1 Assignment

Unit1 Assignment

Unit1 Assignment

  1. Academic Subject

PersonalInterest: Reading novels

Academic Classic English Literature

PossibleTopics: “Major themes in Gulliver Travels”

“MarxistFeminist and psychoanalytic criticism”

“Useof Symbolism in Oedipus the King”

  1. Social Issues

Personalinterest: Global safety

SocialIssue: Terrorism

Possibletopics: “Is excessive use of force permissible in the fight againstterrorism?”

“Ethicalissues in security measures established by Homeland security tocounter terrorism after 9/11”

“Implicationsof US presence in the Middle East to domestic security”

  1. Scientific Subject

PersonalInterest: Watching stars

Scientific Space Exploration

PossibleTopics: “Space tourism”

PersonalInterest: Sun bathing

Scientific Heat Waves

PossibleTopic: “Depletion of Ozone layer and continued emission of carbonmonoxide”


  1. Cultural Background

PersonalInterest: African Americans

Culturalbackground: Slavery

PossibleTopics: “Neo-slavery trends”

“Racismand discriminations in the job sector”

“Evolutionof jazz music and its significance in African American identities”

PartII: Counterstatement

Thereis need to review and restructure the Transport Security Authority(TSA) security measures to ensure adherence to legal and ethicalstandards, while securing air travel against terrorism.


Theterrorist attacks of September 11 2001, revolutionized US securitymeasures in all exit points to safeguard its citizens and resourcesagainst future terrorist attacks (Blalock, Kadiyali, &amp Simon,2007). One of the significant changes was the establishment of theTransport Security Administration to spearhead changes and establishpolicies to counter terror threats in the aviation industry(Wilkinson &amp Jenkins, 2013). Additionally, the institution wasgiven the mandate to work alongside Homeland Security in order tostreamline security procedures in all exit points. This has led tomultiple foiled terrorism attempts in the country (Carafano, Bucci, &ampZuckerman, 2012). However, the measures adopted by the securityadministration department have received contention due to breach ofprivacy, personal invasion, and inflated costs at the expense oftaxpayers’ money (Lee &amp Jacobson, 2011). Some of thecontentious issues include walk-through metal detectors, fullbody-scan using an Advanced Imaging Technology (ATI), and use ofpat-down screening technique that involves physical searches and fullbody strips. Pat-downs have been highly criticized due to privacyinvasion and are termed as unconstitutional by most Americans. Theresearch seeks to conduct a thorough literature review on the need toreview and restructure the Transport Security Authority (TSA)security measures to ensure adherence to legal and ethical standards,while securing air travel against terrorism.


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