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Greenpeace is a global organization campaigning for change in attitudesand behaviors to conserve the environment and promote peace. Theorganization has a strong presence in Russia where it is involved incampaigns to save the arctic environment. In 2012, the organizationwas involved in attempt to disrupt operations at a Russian oil rig atthe Arctic Ocean owned by Gazprom (Kramer 2012). On the peace front,Greenpeace has been involved in numerous campaigns calling for peaceand nuclear disbarment. The firm organization has led other activistsin calling for the Russian government to shut down its nuclear plantsindicating the dangers of nuclear technology. In 1985, theorganization was involved in the evacuation of Rongelapese peoplefrom their homes after the islands received radiation contaminationby the US government denied any form of contamination (Jacobs 2013).

Greenpeacehas also been very vocal in voicing concerns over Russian forestswhich have faced encroachment. Some of these initiatives have beenconducted as a stand alone or in conjunction with other civilorganizations in Russia such as Taiga Rescue Network which has alsobeen calling for the preservation of Russian forests to preserve thehabitats of the Siberian tigers in the country. While civil societyorganizations tend to use a wide range of measures to put acrosstheir message, Meideinger and Tysiachniouk (2011) note thatGreenpeace has specialized in sabotage by seeking to punish wrongdoers. This amounts to breaking the law to achieve the common good.For instance, to deter unsustainable logging in Russian naturalforests, Greenpeace used threats of denying Russian loggers access tothe European market which calls for green practices in producingtimber products.


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