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Mymother is 68 years old. She is a hardworking woman who cares abouther children than herself. She retired from her teaching professionand now spends much of her time at home. She was diagnosed withdiabetes three years ago and since then, her life has changed becauseshe saw diabetes as a death penalty. My mother suffered severalhealth issues since she was diagnosed with diabetes. She has neveraccepted her health situation and drinks a lot to hide her fears. Wehave always had a loving relationship with my mother and she isalways proud of me though we rarely have much time together and wedon’t often talk.


Inthis letter, I will try to convince my mother to accept that she isnot well, and therefore, she should seek medical advice. I will alsobe convincing her that alcohol is not the solution, and if she lovesme she should undergo treatments in order to live long enough to bewith me.


Iwill take my mother through the effects of untreated diabetes andtake her through some studies on how it affects people. I will alsoexplain to her the impacts of diabetes on people who don’t love andcare for themselves. For example failure to undergo treatment maylead to foot amputation. I will promise to help her through themedication now that I am in the medical field.


Mymother can sometimes be rude especially when issues of diabetes areraised. I will use the examples of people close to my mother like mygrandmother and my uncle who are victims of diabetes to help herfigure out by herself the need to seek medical advice. In order toavoid hurting her, I will try to demonstrate my empathy and myheartfelt concerns.


Iwould convey my message to my mother in a loving and peaceful way. Iwill also use emotional words that will promote guilt that willmotivate her to seek medical advice.

Aletter tomymother

Mother,I am proud of you, and I love you so much. I am happy to have such awonderful mother in my life. You taught me to face life as it comesand to be a strong man. What I am today, I owe to you mother. I knowthat you are going through a hard time that has made you cry manytimes but I know you are a strong woman.

Motherdiabetes is not a terminal illness but you need to undergo treatment.Worrying and drinking won’t help. Remember grandmother has livedfor many years after being diagnosed because she accepted hersituation and treatment. My uncle, your brother died because of hisfailure to undergo medications. Mother, I love you and want you tolive longer. I cannot imagine life without you mother. Please acceptthe condition and now that I am in the medical field, I am willing tohelp you with the medication. I understand your situation but I wantwhat is best for you mother.

Failureto treat diabetes will bring more complications in your life. Manydiabetic people have been amputated and remember grandmother has sofar had two heart attacks, some suffer stroke and others eyediseases. Mother you need to consider undergoing treatment to avoidcomplications. Mother, your health is important to you and to us andI hope you are going to consider what I am telling you. I want whatis best for you mother.

Ilove you, mother.

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