Architectureis the course of action in building physical features. These procureconsist of planning, organizing and designing the entire features.Any professional, broadly uses physical features that are the productof the work of architecture. Some other professionals might beworking outside the structures made by architecture, say fieldworkpeople but they are indirectly attached to these structures (Rowland&amp Howe, 1999).For that matter, no matter what profession, architecture has and willhave a profound effect on every individual. For those professionalsworking in offices like as me, we have some aspects to considerbefore settling in a certain structure. We normally considerbehavioral conformance like right furniture, lighting system andcloseness of office equipment like for example telephones to reduceoffice movements. We also do consider climate conformance aspect,hazard regulation factor to mention some.

Byprofession, I am a company accountant in an office that constitutesof three people, whom are: senior accountant, junior accountant, anda clerk. In the office, I am a junior accountant who can play anyrole an accountant can do. By this, I mean in the absence of a senioraccountant I can play his role. On the other hand, in the absence ofa clerk, I can as well perform the clerk’s duty. To be precise, myjob description in the company is: (a) to manage financial data, (b)to analyze and advice concerned parties about financial issues, (c)to prepare and report financial information through balance sheetsand statements of affair. (d) To comply by ensuring that I reportfinancial data before deadlines. (E) In addition, I also work withother external professionals outside the company like auditors andgovernment for accountability purpose.

Asnoted byPerks(1993), financial data is very essential in any company. Hence, underfinancial data management, I collect and manage financial dataconcerning the company. In addition, I manage financial order bymaintaining company records in accordance to accepted corporate laws.When it comes to analyzing, I prepare balance sheet and financialincome statement that analyzes the company’s financial position. Inormally prepare them twice a year on July and December. Afteranalyzing financial information, then the information is ready andcan be reported to top manager and any interested parties who mightneed the information like internal auditors.

Inaddition to the above, I also comply with the deadlines in preparingfinancial statements on time. By this I mean at any given time whenthe information is required by either external or internal parties Ishould be in a position to avail the necessary documents.


Iprefer to work in an ample office because my job requires an ampleplace free from any disturbance. Accounting work is very erroneousand so involving. It requires a place free from any sort ofdisturbances like noise (Perks, 1993). As well, I also work in aplace that is well fitted with the kind of machines that I require.For instance, the place should be well fitted with computers,comfortable furniture to avoid straining. In addition, the place mustbe out of bound from other workers, as matters concerning financetend to be crucial. The place ought to have good ventilation forsmooth flow of fresh air. Fresh air is very crucial especially whenit comes to thinking. Since my profession does engage a brain, somuch it is important to be in a well-ventilated office.

Iwill also do my job in a place that has a well lighting system withpower at least almost all the time. Use of computers requires powerand since computer is one of my tools of work, my office shouldalways have power and well lighting system. As well, I prefer myplace of work simply because the switch sockets are within my reachfrom my desk. This help in reducing office movement hence wellutilization of office time. Petitioning design of my office alsocreate a good working environment in my office. The kind ofpetitioning is the one that allows for privation and gives me a rightto call a specific place my own. The office is also free fromenvironment hazards. The structure we call our office has beenlegally satisfied and for that, matter am guaranteed of my security.This is one major reason that makes me prefer where I am.

Designedsetting of an office


Differentjob have different kind of behaviors. For that matter differentprofessional tend to behave differently. That is the reason whydifferent offices will be designed differently by architecture tosuite different behavioral facilitation. For instance, the design inmy office allows for privacy, as financial matters need to be handledwith care. More importantly, the design is free from any obstructionsmaking it an ample place to work.


Theoffice environment is designed with a clear lighting system. As earlystated my job description requires good lighting system with workingsockets. In addition, furniture present in the environment is fittedwith appropriate furniture that’s well comfortable. Working whileusing wrong furniture at time becomes irritating, thus workingbecomes unattainable and hell especially if working underuncomfortable conditions, for example, seating on a chair that is notcomfortable makes working in such a place hell. For that matter, Isalute the architecture work for enabling me work in a comfortableenvironment. To crown functional conformance as an aspect, the officeis well fitted with bookshelves and telephones. I do not need to movefrom one place to another to convey a message instead just give acall in case of any issue. Am able to manage my time well and thishas helped me meet job goals.


Theoffice has enough space for the three of us any third party. Socketsand telephones are placed within reach. This kind of design helps tominimize movements within the office.


Climatesetting is another key aspect that architecture must consider whendesigning an office (Kostoff, 1985). For instance, I prefer a climatesetting with moderate temperatures. The room should not be too hotneither too cold. Humidity as well should be moderate.


Everyindividual values life. For that matter, I will prefer a place freefrom any environmental hazard. The place should be free and far fromplaces that are prone to environmental hazard like earthquakes andfloods. To top up the place should be one that has been confirmed bylaw that it is rightly built by architectures. Sometimes failure toconsider this aspect put our life in danger as some buildings havefallen and killed people due to bad construction. Some structures arebuilt illegal as they end up collapsing causing deaths and damages.Due to that, it will prefer a place that is legally built with legalpermission from the right authority.


Duringdesign architecture need to value the issue of social incitation andsocial isolation. Profession or any person need a place they can saythey own or a place they can be assured of their privacy (Kostoff,1985). In conjunction with that, I will prefer a place thatguarantees my privacy. Reason being my job description and need toisolate myself from other.

Inconclusion, architecture work has a significant role in people’slives. Leave alone professionals, people in general live instructures built by architectures. For that matter peoples’ livesentirely depends on the work of architecture. This work needs to meetthe clients’ preference as well as assured safety, which isparamount. In the current globe, the work of architecture has bothnegative and positive sides. It has positive effect as they aretrying to come up with better and modern ways of design andconstruction. Through this, architectures are able to meet taste andpreferences of their clients.

Inaddition, the work of architecture lately has not been meeting thelegal standards. This quality has been exhibited as some of thesestructures fall causing deaths and damages of properties. Inaddition, some of other big structures have been burned from use, asthey do not meet legal standards. Therefore, the obligation ofarchitectures is to come up with structures that meet environmentalstandards and those that suits client needs as well as tastes(Kostoff, 1985).


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