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TheUSA army has been one of the highly regarded armies in the world, andmost young from the United States as well as from outside has overtime looked forward to serve in the army. With reference to the video(Armyrecruitment video),the officer recruitment process is an involving process as the armylooks to acquire the best candidates to serve with the troops. It hasovertime has been regarded as the largest and oldest branch of theUnited States armed forces which is entailed to land based operationsof the military. This paper is a rhetorical analysis with referenceto the given video (Armyrecruitment video).

PurposeOf The Recruitment Video

Themain purpose of the video is to highlight the essential element orqualities that make the army and the army officers the best. To makeit to the army branch, the applicants ought to be great, strong moraland intellectual power. The video is highlighted to the strength ofthe armed forces in the United States, with the personnel’srequired to be physically and emotionally, as well as having strongcharacter. It’s also a highlight of the strengths possessed by anyus army soldier, which is an essential element for the interestedpeople into the force (Youtube, 2015).

IntendedAudience/Target Group

Theintended audience of the video (Armyrecruitment video),is the interested age group who can apply to be in the army. Inaccordance with the United States requirements for one to serve inthe army, the audience of the video is the people aged between theages of 20-30 who can serve in the army. The video is for both maleand female who qualifies to serve in the army. The reason why, theaged group between 20-30 years is the audience is due to the factthat, this is the age bracket that officially qualified toparticipate in the United States army recruitment process (Youtube,2015).

Genre,And Medium Effectiveness In Conveying The Message

Withreference to the video clip, it can be categorized as an infomercialtype or genre of a video. This is due to the fact that it’s used toinform about the military as well as wooing the target group to getparticipate in the recruitment. The medium used was successful inconveying the message. This is because a good number of the targetaudience can be able to access the video through the internet. Yes,the video reveals a definite stance about the military or the army inthe United States. There is a definite attitude that can be felt,which the success of the armed forces is being the strength behindits foundation. To convey the message, the media used is the internetmedia (Youtube, 2015).


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