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Advertisementsare critical in delivering the message to the consumers however,they may be used differently in bringing out the same message toconsumers (Hill46). In advertising WonderBra Bras, Eva Herzigova has been used,where she has been depicted to show her body parts in an attempt toadvertise the lingerie. This advert has the text reading “HelloBoys”. In another advertisement of WonderBra Bras, the advert haswomen and men using a lift the advert has the terms, “WonderBra-youlooking at me?” These two adverts have a difference in presentingthe WonderBra Bras. The aim of this assignment is to analyze themeanings presented in the two adverts in advertising the same productand indicate their perspectives.

EvaHerzigova’s Advert

Thisadvert represents a post-feminist element, where the ad presents acelebration of women equality, and their access to choice. The addoes not just look forward to marketing the undergarment, but it alsogives women an element of choice. It also indicates a symbol offemininity through support for constant body maintenance. The ad didnot include a man this was a clear indication that the decision ofwomen did not require the contribution of a man. This indicates thatwomen were independent in making their own decisions, which is anindication of self-control, confidence and self assurance in thedecision making process. The portrait of Eva Herzigova using theproduct is an indication that the product is meant for enhancingwomanhood. Therefore, this advert emphasizes on the theme offeminism.

Fromthe perspective of the manufacturer, there is a need of showing theproduct to consumers so as to capture the customers. The product isnot only shown on the board, but needs to be displayed on the body soas to show it to the best effect. However, the public circulation ofwomen images in states of undress is likely to offend some sectionsof a population. Presentation of underwear on the body of a woman maymake it easy to claim that a representation positions women as sexobjects (Gill82). Post-feminism has made strong arguments against such a view. Ithas emerged that the discourse of liberation has expanded and allowswomen in exploiting their sexual appeals at the expense of men.However, the discourse around heterosexuality is grounded in theassumption of patriarchal privilege (VanDerGaag59). The WonderBra ad showing Eva Herzigova in a black pant and brabrought a lot of controversies to the public concerns. Although therewere a few individuals, who were for the option of limiting theadvertisement, this did not succeed since the advert acted on thebasis of regulations provided by the society. The adverts used in theadvertising of WonderBra followed the code of advertising thus theydid not breach the regulations provided in the public advertising.

Thetext, ‘Hello Boys’ identifies with the product since it impliesthat there is an introduction of a new era. The text identifies withfeminism. The WonderBra made women make the decision of eitherstaying without bras or choosing the available option. Therefore, theadverts identified with the power of the women in making decisionsindependently without relying on men.

“WonderBra-youlooking at me?” Advert

Thisadvert depicts a group of people using a lift. The poster has theletters “WonderBra-you looking at me?” The advert is impressivesince it managed to advertise a bra without showing any breasts orthe inner body parts. The ad shows a sense of a pride emanating froma cleavage created by the WonderBra. The ad includes both women andmen, which is an indication of equality. Men and women have equalopportunities of making choices, and one is independent of making hisor her decision that best suits him or her. Failure of portrayingbreasts in the marketing of WonderBra is an indication that the womensexuality has been respected (Hill88).

Thetwo adverts used in advertising WonderBra have well representedfeminism and sexuality in the society. The texts used in the twoadverts connect to the meaning of the products. Through the adverts,it is clear that women that use the product feel confident in theirstyle. This is an indication of feminism.


Oneof the implications of this analysis is that women may feel morecomfortable and confident purchasing the product advertised by theadverts since I have indicated that the product may have a feel ofcomfort and maintaining shape. Besides, the analysis may make morewomen purchase the product because it may show their independence inmaking of vital decisions. Based on the analysis, companies sellinglingerie may feel the need of using women in advertising theirproducts, while showing their body parts. This is because they mayfeel that the use of the adverts of models such as Eva Herzigova mayhelp in making their products have a greater feel, which can aids inmaking sales. In addition, based on the analysis, adverts having halfnaked men and women may become common.


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