Vocational Nursing Statement


VocationalNursing Statement

VocationalNursing Statement

Iam ……(Insert your names)…….., a….……(insert yourage)…….year old mother of one. I am married and now live in theUnited States after emigrating from Nigeria. I have lived in thiscountry with a new passion in nursing, which has developed over theyears from my own experience. One main experience in the caring fieldis the case of my daughter who was born with the Down syndrome. Sinceshe was born, I have been taking care of her at home, an experiencethat has changed my perspective about nursing. Through what Iexperience while caring for my child, I have come to love nursing andappreciate what nurses do to humanity.

Despitenot having prior experience in the medical field, I have embraced anew perception about nursing. I now love nursing and feel that theworld requires more nurses to take care of humanity. Back inNigeria, I studied estate management which I have not practiced sinceI found my calling in nursing. I realized the calling afterdiscovering my passion in the medical field since I arrived in theUnited States.

Theexperience of taking care of my child opened my eyes to realize thatI am passionate about helping people heal. Because of that passion, Iselected vocational nursing as a career that will allow me topractice nursing and help people. Moreover, According to Kurzen(2011), a career in nursing requires critical thinking skills,commitment and passion for people traits that I possess. This iswhat inspired my decision to choose vocational nursing as a career.With training and professional guidance, I am sure I will pursue asuccessful career in vocational nursing. I will appreciate yourconsideration for the course, and your support as I explore thecareer of my choice.


Kurzen,C.R. (2011). ContemporaryPractical/Vocational Nursing.Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams &amp Wilkins

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