Week 1 Disc Responses

Week1 Disc Responses


Yes,I agree with the students’ topic, which is ‘’essential ofhealth policy and law’’. These health policies and laws will helpthe public to stay within the rules of the health. In addition, thesepolicies and laws can help health care field to act within what isacceptable. Through the health policies and laws, health care fieldwill be able to prevent premature deaths, liabilities, and injuries[ CITATION Tei131 l 1033 ].These laws and policies are responsible in shaping the behaviors inhealth care field.Health policies and law enables private organizations that offerhealth services to have freedom to act free without interventionsfrom the government. As well, health policies and law are essentialas they bring balance to the parties concerned in health. Partieslike sick people, health care providers, government, insuranceproviders, and other parties that are interested in health issues.

Healthcare is concerned with treating and restoring human health intobetter condition. The focus of this department is to treat patients,prevent diseases, teach people to stay health and eat health, andmore importantly to meet the requirements of sick people[ CITATION Tei131 l 1033 ].


Yes,I agree with the topic that, it is important to include policy andlaws in the study of health care and public health because it setstructure and guidelines for individual to follow. Health careproviders and working are required to provide care under certaincircumstances, different certification and license are required forworker policies, and laws must be abided by to continue to run asuccessful company [ CITATION Tei131 l 1033 ].Public health and health care requires a set of law to follow to beall on the same level, the government would approve the health careor public health by making sure their standards and quality of careare accurate. It is essential to haverules and law not just for health care or public health but for thesociety as well, it keep individuals on the same page and sets anorder.


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