Week 3 Practicum Population Based Nursing Care Project


Week3 Practicum: Population Based Nursing Care Project

Week3 Practicum: Population Based Nursing Care Project

Populationat risk

Beinga community-based nurse in an African American community, I haveidentified the elderly population is at risk of diabetic mellitus. Sofar, I have known that the population is at risk of diabetic mellitusbecause most of the people cannot afford quality health care servicesfrom the public and private hospitals (Alcena, 2013). The AfricanAmerican adults are prevalent to diabetes mellitus due the unhealthyeating habits, as well as, unawareness of the best methods used tocombat the disease (Chow et al., 2013). The latest information ondiabetes was obtained from the America’s Health Ranking website. Itshows the ranking of each state (including the District of Columbia),in terms of diabetes mellitus (America’s Health Ranking, 2015).

Progressin Disease Prevention

Theinitial ideas for preventing diabetic mellitus includes educating theAfrican Americans on the best methods to combat the disease, as wellas, provision of affordable medication to the affected people. Inaddition, I was advocating for the public health sector to enlightenthe population at risk on the best strategies to prevent the disease(CDC, 2013). These ideas were embraced at the primary level ofpreventing the disease. Preventing the disease has progressedsignificantly since then, because public awareness campaigns havebeen put in place by our hospital, and the public health sector, aswell. At a secondary level of disease prevention, I have managed toprovide affordable medication to few Black Americans as a way ofcombating the disease in the early stages. In addition, I have urgedthe affected to exercise their bodies regularly, as well as, havinggood food diets that will reduce the blood sugar levels in theirbodies.

Gapsin disease prevention

Manycommunity-based hospitals in areas inhabited by African Americanshave not embraced the new strategies to control the disease (CDC,2013). For example, not many health institutions give counsellingservices to the affected population.

Helpfulsources of information

Informationon primary and secondary methods of preventing diabetic mellitus canbe obtained from Center for Disease Control and America HealthRanking websites.


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