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MikeNichols` (2013) captivating yet intensive aide has long been thestandard in family therapy. The author portrays and breaks down thefield of family therapy, covering its history, developments, andschools. In addition, the author uses various cases to helping theaudience apply hypotheses to genuine circumstances and make thecontent even more captivating (Nichols, 2013).

Themain point of the Solution-focused Therapy in Chapter 11 helps theaudience to know the different goals and purpose of therapy.Additional point helps the reader to understand the sketches ofleading figures and theoretical formulations of therapy.Additionally, the solution-focused therapy helps the learner tounderstand the typical Family Development and the Development ofBehavior Disorders(Nichols, 2013).

Thekey points of the Narrative Therapy in chapter 12 are to help thereader understand the theoretical formulations in therapy. Thechapter also focuses on outlining the Sketches of Leading Figures intherapy. In addition, similarly to Chapter 11, the readings inchapter 12 help the reader to comprehend the Development of BehaviorDisorders and Normal Family Development. In addition, the bookoutlines different Therapeutic Techniques, Goals of Therapy, andConditions for Behavior Change (Nichols, 2013).

Acounselor can use the acquired knowledge from this reading tounderstand the conditions for behavior change and how he/ she candeliver effective therapy. In addition, the knowledge acquired fromthe readings can help a counselor in assessment and therapeutictechniques to help in diagnosing and taking the correct action tooffer effective solutions to the client’s problems. The readingsalso point out that it is essential for a therapist to take a breakand afterward giving feedback to the client.


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