1.My elder brother is a self-actualized person. A self-actualizedperson is a person with desires to exploit his potential fully. Thiskind of character makes my brother more of whom he is. He alwaysthinks positive about himself and about the world. Self-actualizedpeople have other traits like:

Acceptanceand realism-these people have perception that is real about them and about theworld. They have a characteristic of problem solving in that they areable to help others find solutions to their problems. They alsoportray a trait of spontaneity,which makes them open and unconventional as they try to comply withrules and social expectation. They have a trait of continuedappreciationas even small and simple experiences act as a source of inspirationto them. Lastly, they have a trait of Autonomyand solitude.Under this trait, these self-actualized people desire to have theirindependence and privacy.

2.Personality as a quality Personality is the characteristics thatindividuals have that differentiates them from others. For instance,my personality is what makes me whom I am. It is what differentiatesme from others. I would not like others to be me or to try to be meas they can never be me. I have my unique personality as others havetheirs. For instance, from the appearance I have a strong personalitythat anyone would like to imitate. What they do not understand isthat the real me struggles to have that strong personality. Hencewould not like any person to have this kind of quality as they cannever be real me. They can try to be me but they will remain to bethem and me I remain to be myself as we all have differentpersonalities.

3.Sometimes when an individual does something in the society we mightbe forced to say that, everyone in the society is responsible. Reasonbeing one may witness an individual doing a wrong thing but do nottake the initiative of reporting that evil thing to the rightauthority. Failure to report these encourages evil actions in thesociety. Through these, the society becomes responsible forindividual evil actions.

4.Approaching reality through natural science is accepting the set ofvalues that you think are right through the view of science. Howeverapproaching reality through philosophical method is living one’slife through one’s set values like those of believe and religion.Another difference is that philosophy approaches reality throughempirical-based testing but natural science approaches realitythrough reason-based analysis. Lastly, while natural science tries tomake progress in approaching reality philosophy does not make anyprogress in attempt to approach reality.

5.Yes. Women seem to be malt task people. They can do more than twothings at ago and do both successful. However, it might seem a bitdifficult for men to malt task as they end up doing one thing rightand the other thing wrong. From this scenario of the ability of womento malt task, it is a clear indication they can bring something tophilosophy that a man cannot bring. Either as much as we can, we allthink right or left brained, there should be no discrimination ofgender as the person you look down upon may be having the solution.There is no difference in philosophizing between men and women. Whatmatters is how these individuals think and perceive things. Meaningthe way individuals talk to others and the manner they give out theirideas determines their philosophy.


Natureof humanity

WhatI believe in a human person is that I human person is a unique livingthing. Unlike other living things, a human person has a soul thatother things do not have. A human person also reasons and is able todifferentiate between good and bad unlike other living things.

Whatmakes a person a person?

Thenature that human have souls makes them human and not things[ CITATION Plo08 l 1033 ].After basing, the argument that, it is the soul, which makes humanpersons what follows, is whether this soul is permanent. In addition,if it is not permanent what happens when this soul is no more tothese persons? Do they cease to be human and become things? Geneticmakeup also makes a person a person. Individual genetic makeupdifferentiates them from everyone. In addition, the aspect of nurturein genetic makeup contributes to what makes people different evenfrom their close relatives. This might be due to the environment thatsurrounds them.

Aperson is also made up of different body parts. A person has legs toenable their movements as well they have hands to which they use indoing variety of things to mention some. These appendages of bodyparts and more importantly the backbone make people persons and notany other things. Another essential aspect that differentiatespersons from other living things is the aspect of reasoning. Personscan think and differentiate between good and bad unlike other livingthings like animals. People are made persons, as they are able toestablish and verify facts. For instance persons understandsthemselves, as they are able to think about causes and their effects,they are able to differentiate between truth and falsehood and goodfrom bad.

Inarguing the position of human nature, it all depends on what onebases his/her argument. If one bases the assumption from the naturalscience then one might argue that persons evolved from evolution. Myposition of humanity is what makes people persons that explain thenature of humanity. For instance, the ability of persons to reasonmakes them have the human nature in them unlike other things. Thisaspect makes them able to differentiate between good and bad. Theyare able to differentiate between truths and false that any otherthing cannot be able to differentiate.

Theappendages of human nature of walking with two legs also make peoplepersons and not other things. Other living things like ostrich birdswalk with two legs but they are birds and not persons as theircomposition of their appendages makes them to remain birds. This isso because they do not have other aspects of differentiating betweengood and bad. The soul, which is the immaterial part that personshave, makes them human and not things.


Enduringself is the continued existence due to the first existence. Personsexist currently because they first existed. Hence, if a person loosesone of his body parts that person is no longer the same person.However, the situation does not disqualify that person from being aperson, as s/he first existed as a person. A person ceases to be aperson if that person does not have what it takes to be a person.Hence, losing one part of the body, one cell, or memory makes thatperson function imperfect but they still have other aspects thatMakes them remain human since they first existed as human.


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