Whatever Doesn`t Kill You Makes You Stronger

WhateverDoesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

WhatDoesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Title:what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Topic:I want to talk about the challenges that human beings go through andhow we can use these challenges to come out stronger then we were.

Purposestatement:I want to encourage anyone going through suffering.

Irecently read an article in which comedian Jerry Seinfeld was beinginterviewed. Jerry gives his story from his early days when hestarted comedy. In his early days in comedy, he would be heckled andignored while performing. He remembers one particular incident in adisco in New York. He remembers people continued with dancing when hewas on stage and this was soul crushing (Seinfeld,2008). This incident made him a better and stronger person and helpedhim improve his performances. He says the suffering he went throughduring his early comedy life shaped his destiny forever. Today jerryis one of the most celebrated comedians in the country. This is proofenough that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I willtouch on three points today. Suffering in life is unavoidable,nothing last forever and accepting that your situation is the firststep toward reducing your suffering.

Sufferingis part of the human experience and this is one of the things in lifethat are completely unavoidable. The challenges that Seinfeldunderwent were completely unavoidable. He had to prove to people thathe was the best, he had to climb his was slowly to the top. Whilethis was challenging and demoralizing, he did not give up andbelieved in himself. He took every challenge positively and learntfrom every mistake he made along the way. This helped him to becomethe best. As we undergo any challenges in life, we should understandthat suffering is completely unavoidable.

Aswe undergo life challenges, we should remember that no situation ispermanent. Seinfeld was once being ignored and heckled on stage.However, today, all this has changed. Today, he is just applauded forturning up to an event even without saying a single word. Everyonewants him to be the comedian at his event. This is proof to show thatas we undergo the challenges of life we should remember that nosituation is permanent. Today you are suffering but tomorrow you willbe celebrating.

VictorFrankl an author, a neurologist, a holocaust survivor and apsychiatrist once said that accepting ones fate and suffering thatcomes with it gives man a chance even under the most difficultcircumstances to make a change in his life (Frankl,2006). By accepting ones, suffering one is able to reduce suffering.Accepting is not condoning or merely accepting the situation, it isaccepting that whatever you are going through is real. Accepting doesnot mean you have to give up. It means that you have to stopstruggling and resisting as this will cause you more harm and makeyou suffer more. It is therefore important to accept suffering assometimes it is the first step towards to reduce suffering(Hampton,2014). In this case, Seinfeld accepted that he was not a goodperformer and this enabled him to work on his performances.

Thesewords by a German philosopher by the name Friedrich Nietzsche turnout to be true. Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.However, we should accept that suffering is part of the humanexperience and is completely unavoidable. We should also accept thatno situation is permanent and the first step to reducing suffering isaccepting your situation is real. Debbie Hampton a brain injurysurvivor tried to commit suicide and went through depression. Despitethis, she went on to survive the brain injury and is now livinghappily. I would like to encourage you that you too can overcome anysituation you are facing and you will come out stronger and a betterperson.


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