Why Work for the Coca Cola Company

WhyWork for the Coca Cola Company

CocaCola Company is the world’s largest beverage company with severalbranches all over the world. It controls over 21 percent of the softdrinks in the world. The company has been actively diversifying itscategories to fit the needs of as many as consumers as possible. Thecompany has announced its mandate to double its revenue from 2010 to2020 and the executive management is confident that it is on theright direction towards achieving this goal. Despite the greatcompetition from the emerging markets, it is confident that it willnot lose its global position. The Coca Cola Company (TCCC) usesvarious strategies that enable it to remain on top of all othercompeting beverage companies.

TCCCis one of the few companies that have maintained a leading positionfor years. It is one of the most stable companies in the world thatinvests significant amount of resources in advertisements to make itgrow or maintain its position. TCCC spends millions of dollars inadvertisements to reach as many consumers as possible every day. Itshould be noted that one of the best ways of making a companysuccessful is by investing in a good marketing strategy so as toreach many consumers (Mooij, 2010). Some of the methods that thecompany uses to advertise are TV commercials, billboards andsponsorships. In addition, TCCC has developed several brands ofdrinks in response to the outcry of healthy diets. For those whoprefer sugar free foods and drinks, TCCC has developed other brandsthat suit them. This makes the company to reach a wide range ofpeople with different tastes and preferences hence, increased volumeof sales.

Thestability of the company coupled with greater employee satisfactionis another area that makes it a good place to work in (Kuballa,2007). Many people are competing for a position to work with thismultinational company. Despite having a relatively good salary, thereis a great chance for career growth. Every person deserves to work inan environment that offers growth both within the firm and outside.The company has a tradition of growing people who show great abilityto deliver good results in myriad ways. The company recognizes allthe needs of the employees and rewards them according to performance.Employees who show greater commitment in their work are rewardedaccordingly through promotions and salary increase. This gives peoplewho wish to develop their careers a chance to grow. Satisfiedemployees in turn lead to greater productivity and customersatisfaction.

Thereare also several development programs that enable employees to growtheir careers. TCCC is committed to extending development programsand education at all different levels. There are peak performances tomanage the performance of employees and the process of reward.Further, there is a Coca-Cola University for capacity building ofemployees of the company. Some of the employees of this companyattend this institution for trainings that enable them to grow theircareers. Thos gives employees an opportunity to enhance their jobknowledge and skills in various departments. There are also shortassignments that expose workers to skills different from what they doon daily basis. These projects are crucial for career development orgrowth.

TCCCembraces diversity in work place. As the company aims to diversify inworkplace, it employs people from diverse cultures. This diversityallows the employees to connect and understand the needs of diverseconsumers. It gives people from diverse cultures an opportunity towork as a team and eliminate possible differences inherent amongdifferent cultures. TCCC values all people and recognizes the need toembrace diversity in work place and allow people from differentethnicities to fulfill their potentials. A company with a goodreputation of recognizing diversity is able to win many consumersfrom different ethnicities. This adds value to the companyultimately.

Thecurrent business world requires that companies take advantage ofinformation technology. TCCC may be regarded as a simple beveragecompany however, it should also make use of innovative technology tomaintain its global competition. The company constantly changes andrebrands its products in order to keep pace with the needs ofconsumers. Since the recognition of green movement and the need tostay connected to internet, the company has continually harnessed thetechnology in many ways to make the brand more powerful. The greenbottling technology has led to less use of fuel hence, saving oncosts.

Inaddition, the company maintains conspicuous appearance on socialnetwork sites and other major websites. It makes its advertisementsusing various platforms such as Facebook and twitter, where it hasmany followers. This enables to inform its consumers and increase itsability to meet many consumers all over the globe (Stacewicz, 2014).Today’s people spend more time on internet than they spend watchingTVs therefore, marketing needs to focus on social media too. Otherinnovations include introduction of healthier drinks that cater forthe needs of people who prefer sugar free foods and drinks. Theability to remain innovative and stay connected in the world today issomething that cannot be underestimated for companies that wish toexcel in business. There is no room for idling as competitors are ontheir toes making use of any possible inventions that would out dotheir rivals. TCCC has shown greater use of technology andinnovations enable it to maintain top position in the business ofbeverages.

TCCCvalues integrity, quality, and diversity. The quality is of theproducts is paramount because of the great competition from otherrivals. Employees should be committed towards producing qualitydrinks by observing hygiene and packaging of the drinks. This wouldgive customers satisfaction knowing that the drinks are safe. Theother major practice or policy that the company embraces is thediversity. However, diversity is not high in the company as expected.Although it claims to embrace diversity, some ethnicities areunderrepresented. To overcome this problem, the company should striveto empower the minorities and encourage them to work for the company.Further, the company may sponsor more minorities into programs orschools that would give them skills so they can join the companylater on. It is important to note that cases of diversity biasnesscan ruin the reputation of the company greatly.

TCCCis one of the best companies to work on. It is not only stable, butalso has a satisfactory working environment. It offers its workers agreat opportunity to develop or grow in countless ways. The companyaims at doubling its sale therefore, opening more job opportunities.It has invested in strategies that continually improve the positionof the company.


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