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Inharmony with the Martin (2012), it is true that the people bequeathedwith the role of making policies affect the policy making process.They rely on their knowledge, experiences and ideas to come up withpolicies that they think are effective. For this reason, diversityamong policy makers is necessary to ensure the needs of all groupsare catered for. This is with the explication that, in concurrencewith the student, interests of the represented groups influence thepolicy making process. The student has outlined some of thecomponents that are part of the policy making process. Nevertheless,the policy makers have to first describe and state the issue thatshould be guarded by the policy. Understanding the issue providesdirection it is true that health policies pertaining to health affecthealthcare, public health and the public interest. However, this isdependent with the type of policy. A healthcare policy can alsoaffect business directly due to health insurance matters orgovernment revenue and taxation due to funding.

AffordableCare Act (ACA)

Inagreement with the article, ACA was put in place to decrease thenumber of people without health insurance by increasing accessibilityto insurance(ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion, 2014).In the US, health insurance is largely provided by private companiesmaking it costly. Consequently, low income people are unable toaccess health insurance coverage. Even though there are programs likeMedicaid, Medicare and TRICARE among others which help people accesshealthcare, the contribution of the employers toward health insuranceof their employees should not be overlooked. The article argues thatthe government should help people purchase health insurance(ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion, 2014).On the contrary, this will is not an effective way of dealing withuninsured people. This is because, considering there are many healthinsurance companies which offer different packages, it will be hardto determine a standard contribution to health insurance of everyindividual who us unable to pay premiums. Therefore, the governmentshould consider universal health insurance which is pocket friendlyto all citizens. This will increase accessibility to insurance andpremiums will be subsidized. This insurance will cover most of thehealthcare conditions unlike the restrictions put forth by privatecompanies.


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