sare not is not a very common occurrence in the history nor is it veryfrequent in the place near my home. In fact, to be more honest, nowildfire has occurred to a proximity I can confidently call my home.However, I have heard of some various wildfires in the recent historyof the United States. s can be allowed to burn the naturalareas for a number of reason including the need to clear the thicketawaiting the rain season. Some may be cleared for security purposeswhile other for the sake of enriching the soil with the richpotassium. Soils fertility could be enhanced by burning the currentvegetation. The need for other new trees can lead to wildfires wherethe old ones are very old and not very productive (website, 2015).

Suppressionof wildfires is aimed at controlling the extent to which the fireburn the vegetation. Failure to suppress the fire as intended couldlead to death and destruction of wildlife. It can lead to massiveloss of our wild animals and a number of trees. Reduced forest canlead to reduced rain and all the benefits associated with trees. management programs are those guidelines designed to come upwith a national policy that guides and control wildfire. In somecases, we have seen that it could be necessary to allow wildfire butthe specific limitation on the same should be followed. Laws has tobe made in order to help limiting the liberty of starting wildfire.This is to ensure that the environment is protected from exhaustionor massive loss due to wildfire. In doing this, the harm to theeco-system is reduced while a maximum reap of benefits is realized(website, 2013).


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