Winesburg, Ohio and Looking Backward Number

Winesburg,Ohioand LookingBackward


Winesburg,Ohioand LookingBackward

Winesburg,Ohiois a 1919 novel/collection of stories by Anderson Sherwood. Thenovel’s settings, symbolism and mood consistency has beenadditional qualities for the novel, and a continuous connection f thestories. LookingBackward,is a novel by Bellamy Edward, published in the year 1888 and has beenone of the highly regarded novels in America. Both novels are set onfictional perspective (Ted,2015).

Despitetheir difference in terms of publication date, the two fictionalnovels were positively received by the audience in America. Theorganization and structure of WinesburgOhiois unique to that of LookingBackwards.This due to the fact that, the novel offers distinct stories which onthe other hand can each stand alone, but in the novel has a cohesivenarrative. Alternatively, the LookingBackwardpublication is a complete, and continues novel with distinct themesn(Ted,2015).LookingBackwardis set at a cities background and development is imminent in thenarration, unlike the WinesburgOhiowhere it’s a rural setting although a change is experienced later1.

TheWinesburgOhioreflects a subtle loss in the optimistic thinking of the novel,LookingBackwardthrough numerous aspects, such as the different stories, which aresomewhat interrelated, but the author connects the in a unique way.This has proved forfeiture compared to the optimistic thinking as setby the Bellamy’s novel. On the other, hand, the themes in theBellamy’s novel, such as equality, industry and labor, human rightscause promotion has all been the opposite of the Winesburg Ohio’sthemes (Ted,2015).

Withreference to WinesburgOhio,the novel has reflected on the change from rural to urban America,with numerous people moving from Winesburg to the city to realizetheir potential. This has been through the authors writing about thechanges that had shaken America in his time (Ted,2015).The changes include industrialization, which has greatly influencedAmericans life2.


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1 Humanity, they argued, having climbed to the top round of the ladder of civilization, was about to take a header into chaos – p 12.

2All thoughtful men agree that the present aspect of society is portentious of great changes. The only question is, whether they will be for the better or the worse. Those who believe in man`s essential nobleness lean to the former view, those who believe in his essential baseness to the latter. For my part, I hold to the former opinion.&nbspLooking Backward&nbspwas written in the belief that the Golden Age lies before us and not behind us, and is not far away. Our children will surely see it, and we, too, who are already men and women, if we deserve it by our faith and by our works’. Edward Bellamy – p 220

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